Peng Beach, LifouPeng Beach, Lifou
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Beaches and islets

New Caledonia

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, the beaches and islets of New Caledonia offer a plethora of water and outdoor activities: snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or simply lounging. Regardless of your desires or fitness level, you’ll find countless ways to discover the archipelago’s natural beauty and biodiversity. With its crystal-clear lagoons, white sandy shores, and towering columnar pines, New Caledonia fully lives up to its postcard-worthy image. Here are eight ideas to help you make the most of this natural treasure during your stay!

Indulge in pure relaxation

If dreamy beaches are your preference, New Caledonia won’t disappoint. From Nouméa, the capital cradled by the Pacific waves, you’ll find welcoming beaches like Baie des Citrons and Anse-Vata. From the golden shores of the East Coast to the endless white sands and hidden coves on the islands, New Caledonia offers a variety of beach experiences. Sunbathing, year-round swimming in warm, crystal-clear waters, or watching the sunset with loved ones are all part of your holiday. Discover the most beautiful beaches, such as the secluded Kiki Beach in Lifou, or the bays of Kuto and Kanuméra on the Isle of Pines.

First there's the trade wind...

Which blows a gentle breeze and refreshes the sunny atmosphere on the boat. Then there’s the view, with water as turquoise as it is transparent, tickling your feet. Deliciously warm, you immediately want to immerse yourself. And finally, the discovery of a wild islet, with white sand and some typical island vegetation…

Delphine Lucas

Explore the most enchanting islets

Just a short boat ride from the coast, the islets are true havens of peace and nature. Whether they’re developed islets near the capital or secluded islets accessible via multi-day catamaran cruises, they are must-visit destinations. Most of the beautiful islets are located within protected marine reserves, teeming with aquatic and terrestrial species. To help preserve them and enjoy the quality of these sites, it is essential to adopt the right behaviour.

Set sail on the lagoon

Caledonians are always ready to set sail, and it’s no wonder. With a protected lagoon and mild year-round temperatures, conditions are ideal for a sailing adventure. Raise the sails or start the engine, charting a course for the archipelago’s most beautiful islets. Taxi-boats transport you to many islands, while ferries offer all-inclusive day trips, like the Mary D!!

Immerse yourself in lagoon culture

New Caledonia is blessed with welcoming beaches and islands, where the ocean and lagoon are integral to the Caledonian way of life. Life here revolves around the Pacific Ocean, featuring water-sports, fishing, diving, sailing, and family beach outings. You’ll experience this throughout your stay on Grande Terre and the islands, especially during local sea-focused festivals.

Don’t miss the chance to stay with a tribe, participating in their daily activities like shrimp fishing, crab catching, and hawk throwing.

Diving into the world's largest lagoon

The UNESCO World Heritage lagoon boasts an abundance of flora and fauna. Pristine and vibrant corals provide an unforgettable spectacle. It’s the perfect time to take up scuba diving or embark on a snorkelling adventure to explore the underwater world. This natural open-air swimming pool offers close encounters with marine animals in their natural habitat, swimming alongside colourful fish, turtles, dolphins, or even whales during the mid-July to mid-September season.

Discover your ideal beach

Protected by the coral reef, calm, shallow, turquoise waters are easily accessible for swimming year-round. Most of New Caledonia’s beaches and islets are family-friendly and suitable for all ages. Some even offer underwater trails for families to explore. Adventurous spirits can venture to more secluded islets and discover hidden coves.

Embrace the elements

As soon as the wind picks up in New Caledonia, colourful kitesurfing wings and sailboards take to the beaches and islets, offering a mesmerising sight. Sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and pedal-boating are enjoyed by both young and old. Underwater, snorkelling and scuba diving reveal the beauty of marine reserves. Jet-skiing, towed buoys, water-skiing, and various other thrilling activities are readily available.

Stay in an overwater bungalow

Most hotels in New Caledonia are nestled in idyllic settings, where you can sip cocktails under a beach umbrella. There’s even a hotel with overwater bungalows on Ilot Maître, just minutes from Nouméa’s Anse-Vata beach. On the islands, some homestays feature beachfront bungalows, providing a wild and exotic stay at a fraction of the cost!