Windsurfing on the lagoon of New CaledoniaWindsurfing on the lagoon of New Caledonia
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Windsurfing, Stand-Up Paddle & Wakeboarding

in New Caledonia

New Caledonia offers ideal conditions for water sports lovers year-round, thanks to its consistently pleasant temperatures and the presence of the trade winds. Crystal-clear waters, nearly 300 sunny days a year, and reliable winds make the Caledonian archipelago a sought-after destination for windsurfing, stand-up paddle (SUP), and wakeboarding. All you need is a simple wetsuit to glide across the lagoon any time of the year. Most of the prime spots for your favorite water sports are easily accessible right from the beach or a short ride away by water taxi. With the majestic central mountain range as your backdrop, the turquoise lagoon beneath your board, and the endless blue sky above, your riding session on the “Caillou” (nickname for New Caledonia meaning the “Pebble”) promises unforgettable experiences! From serene SUP flats to windy spots for windsurfing, discover our top locations on Grande Terre and the surrounding islets!

Duck Island


Quickly accessible from Anse-Vata beach by water cab, the crossing to Duck Island (îlot Canard) is easily reached from Anse-Vata beach via a water taxi, you can also cross to Îlot Canard using a windsurf board or paddle. Take a short break here to enjoy the beach and the bay’s panoramic view before continuing your adventure. Spend a full day on the islet, complete with deckchairs, umbrellas, a bar, and even an underwater trail. For the more daring, skilled riders, you can venture further to îllot Maître during high tide, navigating the channel between the two islets—a paradise for freestyle enthusiasts!

Candidate Portrait 01Candidate Portrait 01
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Despite my lack of Stand-Up Paddle experience, we all paddled out onto the lagoon this morning. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to reach that beautiful translucent water and, in the end, I had a lot of fun.

Daniela Brunner, Caledonian Dream season 2

Anse-Vata Beach


Situated right in the heart of Nouméa, Anse-Vata beach is THE windsurfing and SUP spot in New Caledonia! Conveniently, there are parking spaces nearby, showers, and bars to unwind after a good session. It’s a popular gathering place for locals who come here for after-work activities, leisurely strolls, or family beach outings. This technical stretch of water occasionally features gentle splashes, making it an excellent starting point for windsurfing. Wingsurfing and foiling are also common sights along the shoreline. Along the promenade, you’ll find trucks renting equipment suitable for all levels, with some offering introductory courses. Furthermore, international and Pacific surfing competitions frequently take place in the bay, providing thrilling spectacles for visitors.

Sainte-Marie Bay


Just a short drive from Anse-Vata lies Sainte-Marie Bay. Popular among young windsurfers from the nearby sailing club, this versatile stretch of water accommodates slalom and freestyle riders, similar to Anse-Vata but less congested. Near the Sainte-Marie islet, you’ll discover the “Bercy” spot, a calm water area ideal for high-speed gliding and jibes. The islet is also accessible by water taxi.

For those interested in trying wakeboarding, sessions are available at Cable Wake Park in Nouméa’s Baie des Dames, New Caledonia’s sole water ski lift.

Baie des Citrons beach


While Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay) beach is renowned for its shops and restaurants, it’s also a place to try water skiing, wakeboarding, or towed foil. With its clear water and supervised beach, it offers the perfect conditions for quick, adrenaline-pumping thrills!

Poé Beach

West Coast

In Bourail, the lagoon of Poé caters to riders of all levels. Whether by windsurf, paddle, or other means, you’ll relish a journey to the reef, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves and taking breaks in the translucent, shallow waters. Plan to spend several days here, allowing for beachfront evenings after a satisfying day on the water. Multiple accommodation options are available on-site, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone!

Ouano Beach

West Coast

In the La Foa region, just an hour from Nouméa, Ouano’s smooth and shallow waters are perfect for speed and freestyle enthusiasts. Adventurous windsurfers can venture towards the Ouano reef, where the Ever Prosperity once ran aground.

Îlot Ténia

West Coast

Discover Ténia, a wild islet adorned with breathtaking colours, located 1.5 hours from Nouméa and accessible via a water taxi! Îlot Ténia’s reef is a haven for wave and thrill-seekers, also cherished by surfers. This spot offers extreme conditions in significant swells, featuring waves reaching nearly 5 metres.

Frequently asked questions about windsurfing and SUP in New Caledonia
  • Should I bring my own equipment?

    Rental companies offer equipment rental on New Caledonia’s main beaches. If you wish to bring your equipment, remember to check your airline’s baggage regulations before your departure