Blue River Provincial Park, YatéBlue River Provincial Park, Yaté
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Mountain Biking Trails and Cycling Routes

in New Caledonia

Whether by the serene coastline or rugged land trails, hop on your bicycle or mountain bike and pedal away to explore the diverse landscapes of New Caledonia at your own leisure!

Cycling and mountain biking

in New Caledonia

New Caledonia boasts an increasing number of amenities to welcome cycling enthusiasts, including marked trails, charging stations for Electric Assist Bicycles (VAE), rental services, repair shops, and more. Still relatively undiscovered, the Caledonian archipelago offers spectacular landscapes waiting to be explored by bicycle, promising a unique communion with nature. While the coastal promenade and Nouméa’s urban pathways are cherished by locals, vast mountain biking regions and numerous unexpected routes beckon exploration on two wheels, with or without electric assistance. Be it on the islands or Grande Terre, the coastal vistas are yours to uncover. Whether city rides or mid-mountain trails, here are the finest cycling spots in New Caledonia!

Blue River Provincial Park

Great South

Another mountain biking haven, located an hour south of Nouméa, is the Parc de la Rivière Bleue (Blue River Park). With 54 kilometres of trails meandering through one of the archipelago’s most pristine nature reserves, there’s something for every skill level, including occasional challenging gradients. Cycling offers a splendid means of discovering the car-free park, its mining scrubland, and rainforest, accompanied by the melody of birdsong. The river is never far away, inviting you to an invigorating swim after your ride. The Tour de la Rivière Blanche, a 29 km loop with a more athletic option, unveils serene, magnificent landscapes. At the Pont Pérignon parking lot, a private service provider offers mountain bike and Electric Assist Bicycle (VAE) rentals. Combined mountain bike/kayak tours are also available, and the park frequently hosts sporting events.

Boucles de Netcha

Great South

In the Great South region, just a few minutes from renowned sites like Parc de la Rivière Bleue or Chutes de la Madeleine, you’ll find the Boucles de Netcha (Netcha Loops)—a network of rust-coloured tracks, characteristic of New Caledonia’s Great South. This location is perfect for combining hiking and swimming. The loops provide stunning views of valleys, lakes, and the world’s largest lagoon. Additionally, the trails grant access to secluded picnic spots that would otherwise remain hidden. Please note that there are no rentals available on-site, so it’s advisable to rent a mountain bike or Electric Assist Bicycle (VAE) in Nouméa.

Deva Domain

West Coast

Approximately 2 hours from Nouméa lies Bourail, home to the UNESCO World Heritage lagoon. Beyond the road that leads inland to the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort, you’ll find golden hills cradling 12 trails extending over 170 kilometres. These routes draw inspiration from New Zealand bike parks, providing joy to cyclists of all skill levels. Known as the Boucles de Deva, this site constitutes the largest mountain biking area in the territory. From the ridges, the trails unveil breathtaking vistas of the lagoon, with some featuring vertical drops of several hundred metres.

Good to know

The Deva Domain hosts two major mountain biking events annually, offering an excellent opportunity to relish the great outdoors!

Boucles de Tina


At the heart of the capital city lies the Boucles de Tina (Tina Loops), Nouméa’s green oasis. While the main road is paved, you’ll find mountain biking trails interspersed throughout, some equipped with wooden modules and stepping stones for the more adept riders. Nestled between mangrove swamps and dry forests, this playground caters to riders of all levels. Specially designed trails cater to children as well. A mountain bike/Electric Assist Bicycle (VAE) rental service awaits you at the loop’s entrance.

The bays of Nouméa

In Nouméa, more than 15 kilometres of cycle paths extend from Anse-Vata to Sainte-Marie urban park, tracing the picturesque Pierre Vernier promenade. The coastal setting beneath the shade of coconut palms is delightful, with a refreshing sea breeze. Cycling along Nouméa’s lagoon offers an excellent opportunity to explore the coastline and immerse yourself in Caledonian daily life. Revel in breathtaking views of the bays and their islets. A loop through the urban mangrove of Ouémo is also available, particularly family-friendly, with a smooth asphalt lane exclusively for bicycles. Inquire about bicycle rentals at your accommodation.