Cliffs of Jokin, LifouCliffs of Jokin, Lifou
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An Authentic Island

Lifou’s natural beauty is simply breathtaking! Towering cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean, dense forests, beaches fringed with towering columnar pines, and hidden caves await your discovery. Amid these exceptional natural wonders, emotional encounters with the locals enrich your experience. Here, vanilla reigns as the king of flavors, providing the perfect opportunity to explore vanilla farms. Your journey into the spirit of the Loyalty Islands begins here, as we present the top things to do in Lifou!

The simplest way to reach Lifou from Noumea is to take an Air Calédonie flight from Noumea-Magenta domestic airport. In just 40 minutes, you’ll land at Wanaham aerodrome in the island’s north. The Betico 2 ferry operates several times a week, connecting to the port of Wé and taking a minimum of 4 hours. Upon your arrival, you’ll have various options for reaching your accommodation, including car or scooter rentals, shuttle services organised by your accommodation, or private transport. Remember to book your transportation in advance. Additionally, Air Loyauté offers inter-island flights to Ouvéa, Maré, and Tiga.

Sandalwood and Honey Festival, Vanilla Festival, Watermelon Festival in Tiga, Island Fair… Local events provide perfect opportunities to share special moments with the islanders in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Check the upcoming dates before planning your stay on Lifou.

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What to do in Lifou