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Serviced Apartments

in New Caledonia

Choose serviced apartments for your New Caledonia stay and enjoy the best in comfort and high-quality services!

Why opt for a serviced apartment?

In Nouméa and Koné, you’ll find serviced apartments that offer excellent value for your money. These fully-equipped units provide superior living comfort, featuring well-appointed kitchens, comfortable beds, and sometimes even a private terrace. Nestled within serviced residences, you’ll have access to amenities like housekeeping, concierge assistance, laundry facilities, dining options, swimming pools, spas, meeting rooms, and more. This type of accommodation ensures a stress-free holiday, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time in New Caledonia without worrying about logistical details.

Where can I find serviced apartments in New Caledonia?

While most hotel residences are situated in Nouméa, you can also find them in other parts of New Caledonia, including Koné, the primary town in the North Province, and Koumac. Some of these residences are conveniently located by the seaside, offering an ideal choice for those eager to explore the lagoon and engage in water sports. Others are strategically positioned in the heart of downtown, close to places like Place des Cocotiers in Nouméa or the centre of Koné.

How to book a serviced apartment?

Explore our website for a list of serviced apartments available in New Caledonia. Whether you’re looking for a short stay, a weekend getaway, a week-long holiday, or an extended visit, visit the hotel’s website or give us a call. Before making your selection, assess your preferences, including location, the number of rooms, desired services, and amenities.