The walk at Anse-Vata NouméaThe walk at Anse-Vata Nouméa
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Getting around

New Caledonia

New Caledonia, encompassing Grande Terre, the Isle of Pines, and the Loyalty Islands, offers a plethora of transportation options for your convenience. Whether it’s rental cars, taxis, private drivers, shuttles, coaches, flights, or ferry crossings, you’ll find everything you need to move around comfortably.

Getting to The Islands

By plane

Flying is undoubtedly the quickest way to reach the islands. In Nouméa, Magenta aerodrome hosts the local domestic airline, Air Calédonie, which operates multiple daily flights to the Isle of Pines or the main Loyalty Islands (Maré, Lifou, Ouvéa). For inter-Loyalty Islands flights (taking between 25 and 35 minutes from Lifou), Air Loyauté provides regular services.

By boat

For sea enthusiasts or budget-conscious travellers, consider taking the Betico 2, a high-speed vessel, to Île des Pins, Maré, or Lifou. Visit for schedules and fares.

Getting around the region

Renting a car is an excellent way to explore New Caledonia. The road network is generally in great condition, and unless you plan to traverse steep tracks, a 4×4 isn’t necessary.

What you need to know

What you should know: Fuel prices are strictly regulated. Regardless of whether you refuel at a hypermarket in Nouméa or a remote bush service station, the price per litre remains consistent. This is a significant advantage. However, it’s wise to be mindful on Sundays or certain public holidays when finding an open station, especially in the North or on the East Coast, can be more challenging.

For a more personalised and flexible experience, private shuttle services and car hires stand out as efficient choices. The private service providers, known for their reliability and customer-centric approach, make navigating the archipelago easy. Organising bespoke tours with these services is remarkably simple, allowing travellers to tailor their itineraries and embark on a journey of discovery with utmost convenience and comfort.

For an exotic and enchanting way to reach New Caledonia’s nearby islets, consider taxi-boats. These operate in Nouméa and the bush, providing access to paradise islets. It’s a must for any stay in this beautiful archipelago. Several private operators are available in locations such as Nouméa, Bourail, Boulouparis, La Foa, Poindimié, Poum, the Isle of Pines, and more.

New Caledonia boasts two primary bus networks: the urban network of Greater Nouméa, Tanéo, and the intercity coach network, RAI. The RAI features 25 lines and 360 stops spread throughout the territory. With 40 long-distance coaches, RAI allows you to explore New Caledonia affordably. Additionally, numerous private shuttles offer high-quality service.

For those seeking a swift journey to the other end of the island, the domestic airline, Air Loyauté, offers regular services from Nouméa-Magenta domestic airport to Koumac and Belep. Air Calédonie also runs flights from Nouméa-Magenta to Koné and Touho in the Northern Province.

From La Tontouta international airport to Nouméa

If you’re arranging your stay in New Caledonia and not renting a vehicle upon arrival, consider booking a shuttle to your accommodation in Nouméa. Many private companies offer this service at competitive rates. Some well-known options include Les Mouettes, Arc en Ciel, Go Shuttle, and Allo Transports.

Getting around Nouméa

On foot, by bike or by cab

In Nouméa, you can explore much of the city on foot or hop on the tchou tchou train that navigates the most tourist-friendly areas. For longer distances, you can hire a taxi (Tel +687 28 35 12) or rent a two-wheeler or bicycle.

By bus

Nouméa and Greater Nouméa have an extensive bus network, Tanéo. This network offers numerous routes to Nouméa, Dumbéa, Païta, and Mont-Dore.

  • How much does a ticket cost?

    Individual tickets for Tanéo lines, purchased on the bus or at a kiosk, cost 300 XPF. If you plan to make multiple trips, consider purchasing a Pass Journée at a ticket machine (cost 900 XPF) for convenience and cost savings.

  • Where to purchase tickets?
    • Taneo Commercial Agency – Maison du Néobus, Place de la Moselle
    • Taneo Commercial Agency – Pôle d’échange de Desmazures
    • On the bus (individual tickets only)
  • Which tourist routes are on the Tanéo network?
    • Access to Parc Forestier (Noumea Forest Park)
      From Desmazures, lines L6 and then N4 take you to the park. It’s also possible to take the N4 line directly from downtown (Boulevard Vauban, “BALLANDE” stop).
    • Access to Anse Vata, Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay), Ouen Toro
      The L3 line provides access to the Nouville peninsula as far as Anse Vata and Ouen Toro.

    All lines can be viewed on the network map. You can also plan your trips by specifying your departure and arrival locations.

Download the map of New Caledonia

Take along a copy of the map of New Caledonia, with travel tips and road safety information to help you plan your trip.