Road trip in 4x4 in the Great SouthRoad trip in 4x4 in the Great South
©Road trip in 4x4 in the Great South|Toutazimut
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Transport options in the Great South

For an unforgettable adventure through the rugged trails and expansive landscapes of New Caledonia’s Great South, an off-road vehicle is your best companion. Rent your own vehicle or use the services of a reputable tourist agency to explore the winding roads of the Great South. Additional transportation alternatives encompass taxis, private shuttles, and public buses, which efficiently transport you to and within the charming towns of Yaté and Mont-Dore. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of transportation options available in the Great South of New Caledonia. Use our filtering system to tailor your search, and remember to make a booking when needed. Unearth the wonders of this remarkable region with ease!