Married couple at Château RoyalMarried couple at Château Royal
©Married couple at Château Royal|Bruno Moure

Romantic getaways

in New Caledonia

Do you dream of a wedding ceremony or an unforgettable honeymoon on a pristine white sandy beach with the azure lagoon as your enchanting backdrop? In New Caledonia, your dreams come true!

The Caledonian archipelago offers a paradisiacal haven for those wishing to tie the knot or renew their vows. Picture yourself in a white gown, adorned with tropical flower crowns, barefoot in the soft sands, with an incredible sunset painting the sky as you celebrate your union. From a discreet seaside ceremony in Nouméa to a grand wedding on the enchanting island of Ouvéa, the venues for your wedding in New Caledonia excel in the art of showcasing your love.

Local service providers go the extra mile to make these moments truly magical, guiding you in your choices according to your budget and desires. To extend the dream, unique and original activities await you for your honeymoon. After all, it’s the journey of a lifetime, isn’t it?