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Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

in New Caledonia

Stay connected during your stay in New Caledonia! Several free or paid solutions allow you to access the internet anywhere in the territory. As New Caledonia is not a DOM (Overseas Department), it is not included in the unlimited data/call packages offered by French and European operators. The cost of roaming is very high, so we advise you to deactivate your mobile internet during your stay. Rest assured, you’ll find SIM cards and Wi-Fi access very easily. Here’s the essential information you need to have a connection almost everywhere!

Free Wi-Fi access

In recent years, New Caledonia has significantly expanded its network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Connecting to a free public access point in Nouméa and key locations in other communes, such as airports and tourist information centres, is now a breeze. Most hotels offer Wi-Fi access for their guests, as do many bars and restaurants in Nouméa. Plus, you can enjoy free connectivity in various public places.

How to use public hotspots

When you’re at a location with public Wi-Fi, your device will automatically detect the access point, leading you to the service portal and registration form. After completing the registration, you’ll need to validate your connection via email or SMS. This ensures faster access on subsequent visits.

In Nouméa, approximately 20 sites offer free Wi-Fi access, including:

  • Place des Cocotiers (Coconut Square);
  • Brunelet Park;
  • Ouen Toro Park;
  • Port Moselle municipal market;
  • some museums such as the Musée de la Ville;
  • the ferry terminal;
  • the information point at the Quais Ferry;
  • the information point at the Aquarium des Lagons;
  • Anse Vata beach.

Throughout the rest of New Caledonia, you’ll find Wi-Fi hotspots at:

  • the airports of Nouméa – La Tontouta, Magenta, Île des Pins;
  • tourist information points;
  • Total petrol stations.

Purchase a SIM card with data

Upon your arrival in New Caledonia, consider acquiring a convenient prepaid mobile phone package with a SIM card, specifically tailored for visitors. Look for the “Tourism card“, an all-in-one kit available at all OPT branches on Grande Terre and the islands, and Mobilis partner shops.

Introduced on January 15, this card, initially priced at 5,000 XPF, encompasses a 2,000 XPF credit for calls and text messages, along with 25 GB of Internet data, valid for three months. Top-ups can be conveniently purchased at various locations across New Caledonia, including OPT agencies, Mobilis partner shops, service stations, and online platforms (www.lagoon.nc; www.rechargetonmob.nc; mobiplus.nc). Reloading is an easy and straightforward process – dial 1088, press 2, and enter your Liberté top-up number, completing the process of topping up your SIM card credit.

For comprehensive details and pricing, visit the Tourism Card website.

Using Pocket Wifi 4G

What if you used a small box to use and share New Caledonia’s 4G network? It’s possible by renting a “Pocket Wifi“. This little pocket modem gives you fast access to the internet throughout the territory, whenever the mobile network is available. All you need to do is reserve online on the Pocket Wifi website, then pick up your box at Nouméa – La Tontouta airport. You can also have your box delivered anywhere in Nouméa. Pocket Wifi rental starts at 1,190 XPF (€10). The rate includes unlimited access to 4G, a shared connection for up to 5 devices and calls via Whatsapp or Messenger.