Mouli Beach, OuvéaMouli Beach, Ouvéa
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Top relaxing experiences

in New Caledonia

Experience life at the Pacific’s unhurried pace for a truly relaxing getaway in New Caledonia! With its pristine beaches, rejuvenating spas, and abundant nature, the ingredients for a tranquil adventure are all here, far from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Relaxation and well-being

If your idea of travel revolves around unwinding and disconnecting from the daily grind, New Caledonia offers an array of options for relaxation and escape. Amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, leave your daily routine behind and enjoy dreamy beaches nestled in unspoiled nature. Whether it’s by the lakeside, amidst lush forests, along serene rivers, or within the cocooning ambiance of a grand hotel’s spa, here are 10 inspiring ideas for a relaxation-focused stay!

Relax on idyllic beaches

From Kuto and Kanuméra on Île des Pins to Luengoni on Lifou, Baie des Citrons, Anse-Vata in Nouméa, Poé in Bourail, and Mouli on the Loyalty Island of Ouvéa—these evocative names represent beaches with powdery sands and crystalline waters. What sets New Caledonia apart is that its most beautiful spots are refreshingly uncrowded. Here, relaxation on your beach towel comes with the symphony of birdsong, the gentle lapping of waves, and the soft caress of the trade winds. And when the sun becomes too warm, take a dip in the turquoise waters, swimming alongside colourful fish before witnessing the spectacle of a breathtaking sunset.

Get pampered

in a luxury hotel spa

Pause for a luxurious break in Nouméa, Bourail, or Île des Pins, where turquoise waters tickle your toes. Resort hotels offer massages, spas with saunas, hammams, whirlpool baths, and invigorating water features in dreamlike settings. Located right by the lagoon, you’ll immediately immerse yourself in a world of disconnection, inside exquisitely designed temples of well-being. Expert staff are on hand to provide top-notch body and facial treatments. And why not extend the pleasure with a cocktail at the hotel bar, overlooking the Caledonian lagoon?

Experience glamping

in the great outdoors

To truly relax, breaking free from your daily routine is essential. What better way to do so than spending an unconventional night immersed in the elements of nature? In New Caledonia, you’ll find a plethora of picturesque accommodations at reasonable prices: yurts, see-through tent in the shape of bubbles, elevated huts, caravans, tiny houses, traditional Kanak huts—the options are diverse, whether on Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, or the Isle of Pines! What’s more, these glamping sites are typically nestled in astonishing settings, surrounded by rainforests, coconut groves, creeks, or in the bush.

Return to nature’s embrace

Picture the gentle gurgling of water or the roar of a cascading waterfall, observe the graceful flutter of a blue butterfly’s wings, listen for the distant call of the notou bird… Hidden in New Caledonia’s rainforests, cascades and rivers have carved out beautiful natural basins, perfect for a refreshing dip. Cuve de Sarraméa, Trou des Nurses in Dumbéa, Prony’s hot springs and trou d’eau de la Tô in Thio—all of these natural spas provide an ideal excuse for a leisurely stroll and perhaps a picnic amidst nature’s heart.

Embark on a yoga retreat

Seeking a place infused with unique energy for a yoga retreat? New Caledonia, a land of nature, rituals, and legends, offers an ideal backdrop for a profound disconnection from your everyday life. Guided by qualified instructors, yoga retreats and workshops provide the opportunity to rejuvenate both physically and emotionally.

Immerse yourself

in the local culture

Nothing beats a complete change of scenery when you want to leave behind the stresses of daily life during your vacation! Staying with a Kanak tribe or stepping into the boots of a stockman on the vast plains of Western New Caledonia guarantees an escape from the ordinary. Whether it’s the denizens of the bush or members of Kanak tribes, many are eager to welcome visitors and share their daily activities: hawking, weaving pandanus leaves, preparing traditional dishes, tending to animals—a timeless experience, far removed from the cares of everyday life, awaits you in New Caledonia!

Enjoy a cocktail

overlooking the lagoon

What could be more relaxing than enjoying one of the most breathtaking sunsets with your feet in the sand, a signature cocktail in hand? For us, this is one of the most soothing experiences you can have in New Caledonia. Whether it’s a stilted beachside bar, a bar with tables on the sand, or a resort hotel bar—the turquoise lagoon is ever-present, and the pink-orange hues of the setting sun create an unmistakable atmosphere. There’s no doubt; you’re truly on vacation!

Set sail on a traditional outrigger

On the Isle of Pines, in the south of New Caledonia, you can partake in an extraordinary adventure: a sail in a traditional ‘pirogue’ in Upi Bay. Settle into this outrigger boat and let your captain for the day guide you on a few hours’ sail in a heavenly locale. Turquoise waters stretch out, surrounded by luxuriant greenery and punctuated by coral rocks that appear to float like magic. Feel the gentle breeze caress your skin, close your eyes, and open them again to catch a glimpse of turtles or stingrays gracefully gliding beneath the surface—happiness is undoubtedly found here!

Sail away on a catamaran

Embark on a dream cruise in New Caledonia by heading south! Lounging on the deck of a boat is the epitome of relaxation. And if you’re aboard a sailing catamaran, gliding from islet to islet in a UNESCO World Heritage lagoon, it’s even better. Cruises, lasting one or more days, depart from Nouméa; find out more at the Tourist Office.