Rooftop at the Baie des Citrons in NoumeaRooftop at the Baie des Citrons in Noumea
©Rooftop at the Baie des Citrons in Noumea|Marine Reveilhac / NCT


in New Caledonia

Enjoy a sunset drink, experience a show, dance until dawn… During your stay in New Caledonia, relish the island vibes and discover the capital city celebrated for its lively nightlife!

Enjoy a concert or an open-air screening

Throughout the year, Caledonia’s stages welcome both local and international artists for concerts set in extraordinary venues. These include the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Duck Island (îlot Canard), and Fort Teremba. If you’re a cinema enthusiast, January’s summer season brings outdoor film screenings on beaches or in parks, a delightful treat for all ages. Additionally, the Christmas holidays offer a chance to see Place des Cocotiers in a new light, adorned with dazzling illuminations and children’s entertainment.

Explore seaside lounges and bars

Some of the finest bars in New Caledonia are nestled in beachfront hotels or along Nouméa’s bays. Here, you’ll discover local beers, cocktails, and a variety of beverages, complemented by tapas for an enjoyable evening. The best way to relish this experience? Mingle with the locals during after work gatherings, immersing yourself in a laid-back and convivial ambiance, all while enjoying live concerts with a backdrop of the lagoon.

Indulge in exquisite dining

With their inventive and cosmopolitan cuisine, talented chefs, and tantalising dining venues, New Caledonia’s restaurants are sure to elevate your stay. In Nouméa, you’ll easily find refined dining establishments overlooking the lagoon, allowing you to combine culinary pleasure with breathtaking views. The fusion of Oceanic, French, and Asian flavours will awaken your senses and ignite your imagination.

Sip a glass in a wine bar

Calling all wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and lovers of fine vintages! In New Caledonia, the capital’s wine bars and Grande Terre’s wine cellars offer an impressive selection of French and Australian wines. Most wine bars also serve exceptional cuisine to complement your wine selection, and some host tasting evenings where you can delve deeper into the world of wines from France and beyond.

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I discovered that we were true “pâté lovers”! We couldn’t have asked for a better place to discover foie gras and the city’s lifestyle.

Dylan Hare, Caledonian Dream season 2

Attend a live show

New Caledonia presents a diverse program of theatre, music, dance, comedy, and more. While promoting local cultural talent, the archipelago also hosts high-quality national and international performances. If the opportunity arises, don’t miss the chance to attend a show adapted by Caledonian artists. From intimate historic venues like Théâtre de Poche and Théâtre de l’Île to cultural centres, you’ll be transported to various captivating worlds.

Party through the night

Whether it’s waterfront nightclubs, trendy bars, rooftop venues, or themed island soirées, you’ll find numerous options to extend your evening into the early hours. Music spans all genres, from Tahitian-themed nights to electronic beats. Nouméa, the capital, knows how to celebrate with a convivial atmosphere! In the bush, mingling with the locals will lead you to festivities and bingo events that bring villages and tribes to life.