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Hiking, walking and trail running

in New Caledonia

With its diverse landscapes of Western plains, Central Mountain Range, coastal beauty, lush forests, and terracotta earth, New Caledonia offers a year-round haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re up for hiking, trail running, or leisurely walks, this South Pacific paradise has it all!

The hiking experience

in New Caledonia

Lace up your hiking boots, don sunscreen, and embark on the marked trails of Grande Terre and the islands. In New Caledonia, hiking and walking lead to pure escapism. It’s an opportunity to disconnect amidst the unspoiled natural beauty, but don’t forget to prepare for trekking under the blazing South Pacific sun!

A unique experience

Its predominantly oceanic climate, with very high UV levels and dehydrating tropical heat, requires maximum protection and hydration. Exploring the wide-open spaces of the south, the lush rainforests, and the northern forests and savannahs, all with excellent infrastructure and precise mapping, makes trekking here truly exceptional.

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Day hike adventures

From mountains and beaches to forests and arid plains, step into New Caledonia’s awe-inspiring natural wonders. Some hikes are just a day or half a day long but are equally impressive. Whether you aim to spot wild cagous, uncover hidden caves and waterfalls, or observe endemic flora and fauna in their habitat, New Caledonia’s hiking trails offer it all. Explore the island’s most enchanting hiking routes within parks and nature reserves, such as the Blue River Park or the Great Ferns Park, each well-marked and waiting to be explored.

Urban strolls

in Nouméa

Explore the GR Trails

Certain hikes are unforgettable and leave an indelible mark. GR® NC1 from Prony to Dumbéa and GR® Nord from Napoepa to Ouanache offer diverse landscapes, spanning the vast southern terrains, mining history, rainforests, dry woodlands, savannahs, lofty ridge-lines, waterfalls, and coastal vistas in the north. Seldom frequented, these trails promise solitude amid nature’s embrace. While GR® NC1 offers a sporty, adventurous route, GR® Nord caters to families and guided hut experiences, including overnight stays with tribes—a truly unforgettable adventure.

Coastal walks

Wind-swept and sun-kissed coastal walks reveal stunning lagoon views and coral reefs. With a 50 km stretch on Grande Terre, panoramic ocean vistas are just a hike away. The islands, too, offer picturesque coastal trails, often with local guides.

Guided nature walks

For a deeper connection with nature and insightful knowledge, join local guides on nature walks. Learn about medicinal plants, site history, Kanak legends, flora and fauna, or indulge in birdwatching. In some cases, guided treks are the only way to access trails on traditional lands, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Join a sporting event

Throughout the year, both in the north and south, sporting events are organised, featuring day and night trails, orienteering races, and sporty hikes. These events offer an opportunity to explore lesser-known routes through private properties or less accessible paths. Whether you participate alone, with friends, or as a spectator, partake in these physical challenges during your New Caledonian stay!

Frequently asked questions about hiking in New Caledonia
  • How to prepare for hiking in New Caledonia?

    Hiking in New Caledonia means connecting with nature in uncharted territories. To stay safe, ensure you have the necessary equipment:

    • Sturdy walking shoes
    • Water bottles (minimum 1l/person)
    • Hat or cap
    • Sunglasses
    • Pants and shoulder coverage
    • Notify relevant authorities if bivouacking (park officers, tourist offices, etc.)
    • Check the weather conditions before heading to the trailheads. It’s best to hike in dry weather as trails can become slippery in the rain.
  • How to best respect natural areas?

    New Caledonia’s hiking trails wind through exceptionally preserved nature. To preserve their beauty, follow some essential rules: look but don’t pick plants, admire but don’t disturb the wildlife, avoid making fires, and carry out your trash. Some trails traverse customary land or private property, so always obtain proper permissions before using them.

  • Which mobile hiking apps are available?

    New Caledonia offers hikes for all levels, with or without steep terrain. All trails are available on mobile platforms and apps like Cirkwi and Outdooractive. Plan your route by downloading it in printable or .gpx format. Before setting out, check with your local tourist office for trail access updates, as weather conditions may lead to trail closures for safety reasons.