Reception at the airport Noumea - La TontoutaReception at the airport Noumea - La Tontouta
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New Caledonia Airports

For a seamless air travel experience in New Caledonia, rely on our comprehensive guide to the international airport, Nouméa-La Tontouta, and the domestic airport, Nouméa-Magenta!

New Caledonia boasts an international airport along with several domestic airports in Nouméa, Grande Terre, and the islands. The international airport, La Tontouta, welcomes travellers from foreign countries. Complying with international standards, its terminal offers various services, including car rentals, duty-free shops, dining, shuttles, taxis, private drivers, vehicle rentals, and buses. Meanwhile, Nouméa-Magenta Airport handles domestic flights to destinations like Grande Terre, the Isle of Pines, and the Loyalty Islands.

Nouméa - La Tontouta international airport

Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport, located 52 km north of Nouméa, provides travellers with a high level of comfort. In 2021, it received Airport Health Accreditation from ACI (Airports Council International). The airport offers direct flights to/from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. The terminal, designed for convenience, features duty-free shops, restaurants, a lounge for business-class travellers, and free wifi. For services, follow the signage indicating information points, free wifi, currency exchange, mobile internet, OPT (post office) for stamps and envelopes, ATMs, and showers in the boarding area. Note that there is no luggage storage.

On-site purchase of a SIM card or Pocket Wifi

Upon arrival, consider purchasing a SIM card or Pocket Wifi for easy internet access during your stay. Learn more on our mobile internet page.

Currency Exchange

For currency exchange, you can withdraw cash from BNC and BCI ATMs with a cash withdrawal card or use the airport’s exchange office. Visit our local currency and exchange page for more details.

How to get around?
  • How do I get downtown?

    It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Nouméa’s main hotels. Options for transportation include booking a private or shared shuttle, ordering a taxi, or renting a car from International and local car rental companies available at the airport. Find all the information on our vehicle rental page.

  • What to see around Nouméa - La Tontouta airport?

    Activities and accommodations near the airport are limited, so it’s advisable to get to Nouméa or Bourail for even a one-day stopover. Shuttle buses offer transfers from the airport to Nouméa or Bourail. The domestic airport, Nouméa-Magenta, is located in the city of Nouméa. If you plan to fly directly to the northern Grande Terre or the Islands, anticipate a 1-hour drive for your transfer.

  • How to reach Nouméa - La Tontouta airport?

    If you’ve booked a shuttle connecting your hotel to the airport, the driver will provide the departure time based on the transport company’s schedule. To save time, you can check in online 30 minutes to 1 hour before departure for all Aircalin-operated flights.

Domestic airport Nouméa - Magenta

Nouméa-Magenta Domestic Airport is conveniently located 4 km from the city centre and 45 km from Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport. It serves Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, and northern Grande Terre through airlines like Air Calédonie and Air Loyauté. The airport offers multiple parking lots and a shuttle service between parking lot P2 (with the most spaces) and the airport, running approximately every 15 minutes. Inside the terminal, an upstairs cafeteria provides coffee, drinks, and light snacks, along with free wifi. Pictograms indicate various services within the terminal, including information points, vending machines, and bus ticket dispensers.

Getting there

The Nouméa-Magenta airport is easy to get to. Several options are available:

  • By shuttle bus: book in advance with local companies or with the help of your hotel.
  • Rent a car from one of the city’s rental companies.
  • Take a cab by booking through the 24/7 telephone exchange at +687 28 35 12.
  • Use public transport with several Tanéo bus lines available in the terminal vicinity.