Kayak on the river at BoulouparisKayak on the river at Boulouparis
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in New Caledonia

Prepare for an extraordinary water adventure in New Caledonia! Kayaking is one of the most captivating water sports, offering exceptional beauty, untouched nature, and authenticity. Embark on a kayaking expedition in New Caledonia and immerse yourself in its natural wonders.


in New Caledonia

In New Caledonia, kayaking is a beloved activity enjoyed on the tranquil lagoon as well as the rivers and lakes near the Chaîne Centrale. This sport unveils the untamed splendour of New Caledonia’s landscapes. Whether you seek a family outing, wish to test your skills, or crave an authentic, multi-day adventure, there’s something for everyone, regardless of your experience level. Kayaking blends disconnection from the everyday with the joy of learning in the heart of nature. Discover the most enchanting kayaking spots and our tips for an unforgettable experience!

Prony Bay

Great South

Starting from ‘Baie de la Somme’, a guided coastal excursion leads you to discover three hot water springs. You’ll glide past the Bay of Kaoris, with its diverse landscapes of mining scrubland, mangroves, and red earth, and then cross over the Aiguille de Prony (Prony’s needle), a unique diving site, before reaching the last developed hot spring for a therapeutic bath. Before leaving, take a moment to explore the historic village of Prony, nestled amidst the banyan trees.

Blue River Provincial Park

Great South

Located just an hour from Nouméa, the Parc de la Rivière Bleue (Blue River Park) offers a kayaking base in the midst of the submerged forest, surrounded by gum oak trees. This remarkable route can be explored independently or as part of a guided day tour, or even under the enchanting moonlight on full moon nights. The adventure begins with a warming mulled wine by the fire in a Nordic ambiance, followed by gearing up and boarding the kayaks. The guided moonlit trek among the trees takes on an air of mystery, bringing you closer to nature’s elements—a truly magical experience!

It’s advisable to camp overnight on-site to avoid late-night driving.

Dumbéa River


A mere 15 minutes from Nouméa, the leisure facilities situated along the Dumbéa River offers various freshwater kayaking courses on calm waters with the opportunity to navigate small rapids. It’s an ideal location for swimming in natural water holes and family fun amidst pristine surroundings.

Forgotten Coast

Great South

This adventurous sea kayaking journey skirts the pristine, uninhabited coastline of the Côte Oubliée (Forgotten Coast) between Yaté and Thio. These four days of self-guided navigation with bivouacs immerse you entirely in the heart of nature. On the final day, you’ll receive a warm tribal welcome. This is an exceptional adventure set in one of the world’s most unspoiled nature reserves, creating indelible memories for group travellers.

Ténia Islet

West Coast

A 1-hour and 25-minute drive from Nouméa, followed by a 20-minute boat ride, takes you to Ténia, one of the west coast’s most exquisite and sizable islets. This idyllic corner of paradise beckons nature enthusiasts. On-site, you can borrow kayaks to fully explore the pristine surroundings and encircle this untamed islet with its pristine sands. You’re likely to encounter turtles peering out of the water and striped tricots near the small rocks.

La Nera River

West Coast

Near the village of Bourail, descend the Nera river by kayak! Drifted by the current amidst the mangrove swamp, this excursion can be undertaken during the day or on evenings with a full moon, complete with barbecues and campfires upon arrival. It’s a wonderful opportunity to observe the surrounding flora and fauna in a tranquil setting. Choose between guided or self-guided outings.

Poé in Bourail

West Coast

Just a two-hour drive from Nouméa, embark on an exploration of the calm turquoise waters of Bourail’s Poé lagoon, sheltered by the coral reef and featuring shallow areas ideal for engaging in sea kayaking, swimming, and snorkelling. The crystal-clear water allows you to easily spot fish and turtles from your kayak. It’s the perfect setting for a joyful experience with friends or family, and you can explore at your own pace on a self-guided adventure.

Amoa River

East Coast

In Poindimié, enjoy a balade (stroll) along the tranquil waters of the Amoa River, surrounded by lush vegetation. You’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of the Amoa peak. Paddling past banyan trees and the traditional fields of local tribes along the river makes this an exceptional and enjoyable excursion. Feel free to make refreshing stops along the way! This is a self-guided tour.

Tibarama islet

East Coast

From the Poindimié launch site, the more adventurous can cross the bay in a kayak to reach Tibarama islet, located 2 km off the coast. Here, you can relish the often-deserted beaches of this picturesque islet. Choose between guided or self-guided outings.

The “Brooding Hen” and rock formations

East Coast

Navigate upstream to the Hienghène rocks at the mouth of the Lindéralique lagoon. While this passage can be somewhat challenging depending on the tide, you’ll have the opportunity to peacefully explore these immense black rocks surrounded by mangroves at your own pace, in tranquillity and serenity. The only sounds that break the silence are the flights of swallows, and you may even have the fortune to spot flying foxes (small bats) seeking refuge in the crevices. To reach the nautical base located in the village of Hienghène and access the base of the Brooding Hen, embark on a self-guided adventure.

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New Caledonia is undeniably surprising! I never expected to discover such incredible landscapes with massive rocks rivalling the best natural spots in Southeast Asia.

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Frequently asked questions about kayaking in New Caledonia
  • Is kayaking suitable for beginners?

    Kayaking in rivers and lakes is accessible to any physically fit adult who can swim comfortably. Sea kayaking demands more physical effort but is attainable for those who regularly engage in sports, such as hiking.

  • What equipment is necessary?

    Rental companies and tours companies provide kayaks, life jackets, paddles, and waterproof containers. Bring your own sun protection items, including a lycra shirt, cap, sunscreen, and water. Closed-toe shoes are recommended, as well as a towel for drying off.

  • Are transparent kayaks available in New Caledonia?

    Visitors staying on the Isle of Pines can visit the Ouré Lodge hotel to borrow (for hotel guests) or rent transparent kayaks. This allows you to admire the colourful fish beneath your hull.