Viewpoint of the Hienghène's chickenViewpoint of the Hienghène's chicken
©Viewpoint of the Hienghène's chicken|Valentin Pacaut - The Explorers

All things to do and see on the East Coast

For a journey beyond the ordinary, the east coast stands as an ideal destination! Here, you’ll immerse yourself in breathtaking natural beauty within the heart of Kanak culture. The East Coast beckons with authentic tribal encounters, invigorating hikes through forested landscapes adorned with refreshing waterfalls, and the allure of one of New Caledonia’s most picturesque coastal roads! It’s also on the East coast, at the Ouaième River mouth, that you’ll find the last operating ferry. Journeying further south, the mining landscape of Thio unfolds, featuring an open-pit mine, the sole active mine open for exploration. Eager to uncover more? Below is a comprehensive list of experiences awaiting you during your East Coast sojourn in New Caledonia!