Bay of Port-Boisé, Mont-DoreBay of Port-Boisé, Mont-Dore
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Accommodation in the Great South

List of accommodation in the Great South

The Great South, a realm for adventurers, offers a diverse array of lodging choices. You can opt for chic bungalows in beachfront hotels, seek refuge amidst hiking trails, experience tribal hospitality, or stay in the wild in cosy holiday cottages. It’s also in this far-flung corner of New Caledonia where you can spend a night in unique places, particularly at the entrance to Blue River Park, which includes cabadiennes (wooden cabins), suspended tents, and tiny houses. A stay in the Great South guarantees a total disconnection amidst nature, with a plethora of outdoor activities at your doorstep. Explore our accommodation list from Yaté to Mont-Dore below, and don’t forget to book in advance.

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