Hotel Paradis d'Ouvéa and its beachHotel Paradis d'Ouvéa and its beach
©Hotel Paradis d'Ouvéa and its beach|Genta Masuda
Accommodation in The Islands

List of accommodation in the Islands

Are you seeking the perfect haven for your stay on the Isle of Pines or the mesmerising Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia? Look no further! Delve into our comprehensive list of island accommodation, each offering a unique charm. Discover a variety of options on Maré, Lifou, Ouvéa, and the Isle of Pines, including luxurious hotels, cosy guesthouses, authentic tribal stay, and scenic campsites. The stunning natural landscapes surrounding these accommodation options will transform your island retreat into an unforgettable experience, with crystal-clear lagoons, pristine beaches, and enchanting Kanak territories. Use our filters to find your ideal match!