Living a welcome in a tribe in Tchamba, PoindimiéLiving a welcome in a tribe in Tchamba, Poindimié
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Tribal staysin New Caledonia

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Elevate your New Caledonia journey into an unforgettable adventure by staying within a Kanak tribe! Nestled in the ancestral lands of Grande Terre and the surrounding islands, stay in traditional huts on mattresses resting on woven mats. Share the daily life of the clan members and create unforgettable memories. Join in the preparation of a bougna, master the art of the Customary Gesture (la Coutume), give a shot at pandanus leaf weaving, and partake in hawk fishing adventures. Numerous packages include accommodation, delicious table d’hôte meals, and captivating workshops, all designed to bring you closer to the rich tapestry of Kanak customs and traditions. Discover our curated list of tribal stay options below and use the provided filters to refine your quest for the ultimate cultural immersion.

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