Tibarama Island, PoindimiéTibarama Island, Poindimié
©Tibarama Island, Poindimié|Masaaki Hojo

Tibarama islet

in Poindimié

Venturing to the East Coast, the natural scenery transforms into a wild, authentic, and verdant haven. Amidst this interplay of green and blue, within the commune of Poindimié, emerges a distinct piece of land on the horizon: Tibarama Island. Revered by many as the most beautiful in New Caledonia, it beckons with the promise of a splendid outdoor adventure. Curious about how to reach it and what awaits you there? Join us on a virtual journey for a Robinson Crusoe experience!

The Tibarama islet is accessible by boat from Poindimié. This commune in eastern New Caledonia is about a 4-hour drive from Nouméa. The Rai bus network runs a few routes a week, but we recommend renting a car instead. This will give you the freedom to explore the area around Poindimié and transport your belongings. From Nouméa, head north on the RT1, then cross the Chaîne centrale between Bourail and Houaïlou via the Col des Roussettes (RT3). This magnificent road winds its way through lush landscapes, with several stops along the way (Poté, Ny…). Once in Poindimié, you have several options for reaching the Tibarama islet:

  • By kayak, for the more sporty ones: a magnificent trip, which requires good physical fitness, especially when going against the wind currents.
  • By taxiboat: Aqualagoon and Tiakan Fishing offer crossings to Tibarama from Poindimié.
  • If you only want to spend half a day on the islet, go in the early morning. The sun won’t be too strong yet, so you’ll enjoy the swimming and walking activities better.
  • Remember to take a water bottle, hat and sunglasses.
  • Get your information at the Hôtel Tiéti, the staff are well acquainted with the area’s places of interest.
  • Book taxi boat transfers in advance with your chosen company.

1. Explore the seabed by snorkelling

Tibarama is a prime destination for snorkelling, providing a gateway to the mesmerising underwater wonders of the East Coast. This islet, known for its accessibility to children and its secluded charm, is a hidden gem for divers seeking encounters with diverse marine life. Among its attractions, the rare ribbon moray can be spotted in open water, surrounded by well-preserved coral formations. Aqualagoon offers half-day excursions to the barrier reef, exploring two distinct sites during each approximately one-hour journey. Fully equipped and accompanied by a guide in the water, participants enjoy a 40-minute break on the boat, complete with a snack.

2. Walk around the island

The modest dimensions of Tibarama make it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, easily circled in just twenty minutes. During this brief exploration, you’ll be treated to vistas of the distinctive Caledonian islet vegetation and may encounter various bird species, including the obstard and terns. For an optimal experience, we recommend going on your walk in the morning to avoid the intense midday sun. Additionally, consider packing a picnic to savour on the islet, enhancing your visit with a delightful outdoor meal.

3. Treat yourself to an introduction to diving

Aqualagoon provides a comprehensive range of services, including taxi-boat transfers, guided palm hikes, and captivating diving excursions. Thanks to its close proximity to the coast and the diverse marine life surrounding it, Tibarama serves as an ideal location for novice divers’ introductory dives.

4. Kayak on the lagoon

Embrace your adventurous spirit by navigating the waters of Poindimié Bay with a kayak, propelling yourself toward the enchanting Tibarama islet through rhythmic paddle strokes! Rental services, such as those provided by the Odyssée association, offer the necessary equipment for an independent excursion or guided tours. Some tours even take place in the evening under the glow of the full moon, providing a magical experience.

5. Cocktails facing the island

Conclude your day on Tibarama islet with a moment of relaxation at the bar of the Tiéti hotel, where you can enjoy a delightful view of the islet. Positioned in front of the pool, with the beach and lagoon providing a picturesque backdrop, you’re sure to capture some fantastic photos. Yet, the true essence lies in relishing the moment and embracing the laid-back way of life that epitomises the charm of New Caledonia…