Parc des Grandes Fougères, FarinoParc des Grandes Fougères, Farino
©Parc des Grandes Fougères, Farino|NCT

Sustainable tourism

in New Caledonia

Are you seeking a destination that champions sustainable tourism? Welcome to New Caledonia, where the allure of pristine biodiversity and cherished traditions beckon!

New Caledonia boasts an unquestionable natural paradise. A staggering 76% of its terrestrial flora is endemic, while its underwater world teems with over 20,000 diverse marine species. National Geographic’s recognition as an indispensable sustainable destination in 2021 was no coincidence! New Caledonia continually pioneers initiatives in the realm of sustainable tourism. Its lagoon has earned UNESCO heritage status, and the communities of La Foa, Farino, and Moindou proudly bear the Green Resort label. Immerse yourself in the protected natural spaces of New Caledonia and embark on adventures that bring you closer to local ways of life!