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9 best things to do in Thio

Escape the well-trodden tourist paths of New Caledonia and venture to Thio, a destination characterised by pristine natural landscapes and a captivating mining history! Despite being just an hour and a half from Nouméa, the immediate change of scenery unfolds as you traverse the Central Range and descend to the East Coast of Grande Terre. The mountains, mining plateaus, and coconut palm-lined bays provide an idyllic backdrop for a myriad of activities, including exploring the open-to-the-public Mine du Plateau, engaging in kayaking, snorkelling, delightful picnics at Moara beach, and horseback riding…

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Kanak tribe, and here are nine must-experience moments for an enriching stay in Thio!

Picnic on Moara beach

Just a brief five-minute drive from Thio Mission, the entrancing Moara Beach (Mwara) unfolds with a picturesque setting adorned by swaying coconut palms. Its allure is defined by the gentle crescent-moon curve and the lush tropical vegetation. Bring along your picnic and relish moments in the shade of the trees, seamlessly alternating between relaxation and refreshing swims!

Explore the nickel mine

Delve into the rich industrial history of New Caledonia by exploring the Mine du Plateau, the oldest operational open-pit mine in the region. Uniquely, this active mine opens its doors to the public for guided tours organised by the Thio Tourist Office each month. Plunge into the fascinating narrative of New Caledonian industry and the resilient people of Thio during this must-see excursion.

Paddling along the Forgotten Coast

Embark on an extraordinary adventure into untouched wilderness! Set forth on a multi-day sea kayaking expedition between Yaté and Thio, enjoying a timeless experience close to nature. Geared towards sports enthusiasts, this excursion demands careful preparation. Arrange your bivouac equipment rental and supplies in advance for a smooth journey. Connect with Aventure Pulsion to organise this unforgettable and meticulously planned sea kayaking expedition!

Visit the Mining Museum

Step into history as you are greeted by the remnants of an ancient small steam locomotive at the entrance of this museum, offering a glimpse into a chapter of New Caledonian history! In the 1890s, the museum served as the administrative centre for the Thio mining facility. Presently, it offers a fascinating journey into the inception of the Thio village, the diverse trades conducted within the mine, and the mechanisation of nickel mining, vividly portrayed through period photos and artefacts on public display.

Climb to the top of Bota Méré

Wander through the diverse landscape between mangrove and dry forest along the Bota Méré botanical trail, treating yourself to breathtaking vistas of the sea. Upon reaching the summit, relish a 360° panorama that encompasses the lagoon, the coasts of Canala and Borendy, the Thio valley, and the site where nickel is loaded onto ore carriers.

Swimming around the islets

Situated near La Moara beach, Kinde Island epitomises the charm of small white-sand islets adorned with lush tropical vegetation. Additionally, Islet Némou and Islet Tupeti are delightful treasures easily reached from the Baie de Port Bouquet in Thio, either by water cab or kayak. The crystal-clear seabed surrounding these islets allows for the effortless observation of vibrant, multicoloured fish. Explore the small tropical forests at the heart of these islets, providing enchanting pathways for delightful walks.

Horseback riding

Jump on horseback adventure guided by a local stockman and travel across the enchanting landscapes of the eastern Brousse! Soak in the panoramic vistas of valleys and lagoons as they unfold at every turn.

Enjoy unique landscapes

on the road to Port Bouquet

The road to this destination beckons you, evoking images of Costa Rica, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic. In Thio, nature comes alive, continually surprising you with the breathtaking beauty of lush landscapes, even under the gentle touch of rain.

Delight in bougna

a traditional Kanak dish

Experience the Kanak culture as you witness the detailed preparation of bougna by tribal women during a warm tribal welcome. Uncover the secrets of this emblematic dish and engage in conversations about the daily life of tribal members. Armed with newfound knowledge, you can return home and impress your friends with your mastery of crafting a delicious bougna marmite!

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Explore Thio, a destination steeped in forgotten history, timeless charm, and diverse landscapes. Submerge yourself in the richness of its past, traverse preserved natural wonders, and discover beautiful islets that are easily accessible. Let the unique end-of-the-world atmosphere of Thio envelop you in its embrace!