Aquarium des Lagons, NoumeaAquarium des Lagons, Noumea
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Aquarium des Lagons


Experience the wonders of the Caledonian lagoon before witnessing them in their natural habitat! The Aquarium des Lagons is an essential complement to your marine adventures, offering a fantastic introduction to the lagoon’s ecosystems and the conservation efforts dedicated to preserving them. Designed for the whole family, it’s the place to see vibrant fish, pelagic species, turtles, and deepen your understanding! Conveniently situated on the waterfront, between the Anse-Vata promenade and the Baie des Citrons promenade, it’s perfect for a leisurely stroll after your visit!

The Aquarium des Lagons, ideally positioned in the southern bays of Nouméa, is easily accessible through various means. If you’re staying in the Anse Vata or Baie des Citrons neighborhoods, a delightful walk along the lagoon will get you there! Alternatively, the site is well-served by Tanéo buses, with regular services every 20 minutes on weekdays and 30 minutes on weekends. From downtown, Quartier Latin, or Orphelinat, hop on the L3 line and alight at the “Aquarium” stop. Taxis and tourist buses Hop On Hop Off are also available options for reaching the Aquarium des Lagons.

  • Admission fees: Check out rates, packages, and subscriptions on the Aquarium’s fact sheet.
  • Open every day, including public holidays.
  • A tourist information point is available to assist you, and it holds the Accueil Vélo label, providing bike parking, a repair kit, and recommendations for Nouméa’s cycling routes.
  • Consider combining your visit to the Aquarium des Lagons with a day on Anse Vata or Baie des Citrons beach.
  • For the curious and passionate, behind-the-scenes tours of the Aquarium are available (for a fee, booking required), offering insights into the daily work of researchers, technicians, caretakers, etc..

1. Embark on family guided tour

Follow the guide! For one hour, take the “water trail,” where you’ll explore freshwater environments, mangrove swamps, the lagoon, and the ocean’s depths. Along the way, you’ll be treated to fascinating explanations about the species and their conservation efforts.

2. Explore aquatic flora and fauna

Spanning 3,000 square meters of tanks, the Aquarium replicates various marine ecosystems found in New Caledonia. Witness sea snakes, nautiluses, clownfish, butterflyfish, as well as larger inhabitants like sharks, rays, and turtles. As you progress through the visit, you’ll also encounter various coral species.

3. Join the animals feeding sessions

Every day, at scheduled times (usually in the morning at 10:30 AM for fish and in the afternoon at 3:00 PM for turtles), you can observe the feeding sessions for the fish and turtles. An exciting event that’s sure to delight visitors of all ages. Check with the Aquarium’s reception for more details.

4. Participate in a themed event

From yoga classes in front of the fish to lively evening events, conferences, children’s workshops, and aquatic carnivals, the Aquarium offers an eclectic program that promises original and enjoyable experiences. As the slogan says, “Discover, explore, marvel”—and indeed, there’s plenty here to entertain, educate, and inspire!

5. Witness a species release in the wild

The Aquarium annually receives sick or injured turtles, striped terrapins, or baby leopard sharks discovered by individuals at sea or on beaches. Between 15 and 30 turtles are rescued by the Aquarium des Lagons team. Occasionally, the public has the opportunity to witness the “release” of a rehabilitated species back into the lagoon. Inquire at the reception if such an event is scheduled during your visit.