Beach of Luengoni, LifouBeach of Luengoni, Lifou
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Luengöni beach and caves


Whether you’re the kind who’s all about action or you’re more of a chill-and-relax type, Luengoni’s got the perfect vibe for you. Brace yourself for the sheer beauty of one of Lifou’s crown jewels – the stunning white sand beach that is Luengoni! But hold onto your snorkels, because that’s just the beginning of the adventure. Right around the corner, you’ve got the underwater cave and water holes, a little slice of heaven aptly named the Joyaux de Luengöni. Lace up those walking shoes for an on-foot exploration, and when the sun takes a bow, it’s torchlight snorkelling time!

The beach and caves of Luengöni are located in Lifou, one of the Loyalty Islands. From Nouméa-Magenta airport, several flights get you to Lifou in 40 minutes. By boat, the Betico company makes the connection in around 5 hours. Once there, vehicle rental is essential. To get to the beach, head towards the south-east of the island and stop near the Hukekep gîte. There’s a small parking lot at the southern end of the island where you can leave your vehicle. To visit the Joyaux de Luengoni, a local guide is compulsory, as this is customary land. Noël Pia and his team organize this unique excursion. We recommend that you book your outing in advance.

  • While the Luengöni beach can be explored on foot, treading its warm sand in flip-flops or barefoot, you will need your mask and flippers to visit the underwater cave.
  • Your guide will provide you with flashlights to explore the underwater cave.
  • To get to the Luengöni Jewels, you’ll need good hiking boots as the path is quite rugged. Bring water and a camera/phone to take plenty of photos of these magnificent landscapes!
  • Free access to the beach/ Guided tour for a fee for the cave.
  • It’s best to reach the waterholes when the sun is high in the sky to benefit from picture-perfect lighting.
Top 5 things to do at Luengöni

1. Swim in the turquoise waters

Prepare to be mind-blown – the water here is so crystal-clear, you don’t even need a mask to see right down to the bottom! The coral rocks, fondly known as “patates” in New Caledonia, are the VIP lounges for a riot of multicoloured fish, while serene tortoises glide gracefully through the bay. But wait, it gets even better – the seabed is like a gently sloping invitation to the ultimate swimming paradise. Slap on a mask, and you’re in for a treat – keep your eyes peeled for turtles, especially around the central rock.

2. Discover its hidden gems

The jewels of Luengöni are the magnificent water holes buried in the vegetation. These caves are hidden in the heart of the plateau. To visit the underground caves, you’ll need to book a guided tour. A lovely 2.5 km walk through dense forest leads you to the viewpoint and the cave. Equipped with a light and your flippers, mask and snorkel, you’ll then dive into the middle of these natural pools, discovering the various rooms of rare beauty. When the sunlight pierces the gloom of the undergrowth and illuminates the waters, you’ll witness a true natural marvel!

3. Relax on the beach

The Luengoni beach is certainly one of the most beautiful in Lifou and the whole of New Caledonia. The sand is like a cloud beneath your feet, the water so clear you can practically see into the future, and the scene is straight out of an island daydream with its coral rocks. Stretched over a kilometre, Luengöni Bay is the dream locale for leisurely strolls that’ll have you feeling like you’re walking on sunshine. It’s your go-to for the ultimate chill-out session after an adventure-packed day or just soaking up the serene vibes under the cool shade of the ironwoods. And here’s the kicker – in Luengoni, and pretty much all over New Caledonia, beauty doesn’t play second fiddle to tourism… You get to feel as though stranded on an island of peace and solitude.

Did you know?

The coral rock at the center of Luengöni Bay is nicknamed the “Conforama Islet” in reference to a Conforama ad filmed there in the 90s.

5. Enjoy a tribal meal

at one of the nearby tables d'hôtes

A number of tribal guesthouses and tables d’hôtes are located close to Luengöni beach. In addition to meals, some offer beachside huts and camping pitches. What a joy to wake up to the sound of the surf and dive into the turquoise water in the early hours! Sharing a meal with a member of a Kanak tribe means uncovering the region’s culinary specialties while exchanging views on the Lifous way of life!