Shabadran Terraces, MaréShabadran Terraces, Maré
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The wildest of the Loyalty Islands

Take your time to revel in the beauty of this unique natural landscape: basalt cliffs, untouched forests, and small sandy coves tucked between rocky promontories, as well as long beaches adorned with coconut palms… Don’t miss the Warrior’s Leap at Wakone, the shores of Wabao, Kurine, Pede, or Shabadran, and the caves of Pethoen and Medu. Exploring Maré is an intimate journey, a discovery of an island with many faces. Maré, the wildest of the Loyalty Islands, will leave an indelible mark on your soul!

There are two options for reaching Maré from Nouméa. By air, Air Calédonie offers regular flights that take only 40 minutes to arrive at La Roche aerodrome. By sea, the Betico 2 ferry departs from Nouméa seaport several times a week, with a direct journey taking around 4 hours. You can also connect to Lifou and Ouvéa via this ferry, thanks to Air Loyauté (which also operates some flights from Nouméa). Once you arrive, renting a car is recommended for the freedom to explore Maré at your own pace. Be sure to book in advance. Some local service providers offer self-guided tours as well.

If you plan to visit multiple islands in New Caledonia, consider the Air Calédonie Pass! This pass offers discounted flights between Nouméa and the islands of Maré, Lifou, Ouvéa, Île des Pins (and also Koné in the north of Grande Terre). The Le Pass offer allows you to book 4 flights from Nouméa to 2 different destinations.

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