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Koné - Voh - Pouembout

The North Caledonian bush

Stroll through the wide open spaces of the west, see the amazing mangrove swamps, meet the stockmen on their cattle-breeding and agricultural land: welcome to the Northern Brousse of the New Caledonian bush!

Koné, the vibrant capital of the North Province, is the ideal starting point for visiting the must-see areas of Northern New Caledonia. This Broussarde region unfolds vast agricultural landscapes, where families of stockmen cultivate and safeguard the rich traditions of the New Caledonian Brousse. Delve into this captivating facet of New Caledonia, where horseback riding, fishing, immersive local encounters, and cultural exploration await you. Koné is the gateway to an authentic Caledonian journey, where traditions come to life!

From Nouméa by car, allow just under 4 hours (300 km). You can also reach Koné by plane from Nouméa-Magenta domestic airport (several flights a week) or by bus with the Raï bus network. The communes of Voh, Koné and Pouembout are just a few kilometres apart. Renting a car is the best option for getting around the tourist attraction sites.

Koné – or Koohnê in the Haeke language – belongs to the PAÎCI-CAMUKI customary area. Nine tribes live within its territory. While the majority of the population is of Melanesian origin, Koné is also home to a resilient population of European origin who have rooted themselves here for generations. Known locally as “broussards” or “caldoches,” many of them are dedicated cattle breeders. This unique blend of heritage and lifestyle offers visitors a golden opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and warm hospitality of these seasoned stockmen.

Orders no. 06/24 and no. 21/2024 dated 9 February.

Due to pollution concerns, swimming, fishing and water sports activities are prohibited :

  • on the Pouembout river, from the Marie Flotat footbridge to its mouth;
  • along the entire coastline between the Nindiah mouth and Franco beach (Pouembout);
  • around the Foué peninsula, at Foué beach and the nautical base (Koné).

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