Horseback riding in the Central RangeHorseback riding in the Central Range
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La Foa - Farino

A Break in Nature

Explore the abundant natural beauty of La Foa, nestled in the western heart of Caledonia! Discover this enchanting destination, where a myriad of activities on land, sea, and in the air awaits you. Engage closely with the welcoming locals and their land, savouring the region’s specialties on picturesque livestock farms, experiencing life in a Kanak tribe, and enjoying a stay at an charming ecolodge. Uncover the historical richness of the area and wander through its scenic hiking trails. Fun fact: La Foa, Moindou, and Farino have proudly earned the “Stations Vertes” label, a testament to the harmonious connection between nature, community, and the region’s heritage.

From Nouméa, it takes just over an hour to reach La Foa via the RT1 road, which crosses the entire length of New Caledonia. While car rental remains the best way to visit the area in complete freedom, regular connections are provided by the Raï bus network. Day-trips by minibus from Nouméa are also offered by a number of local agencies.

Experience the annual Son et Lumières show in Teremba, a captivating journey through the historical tapestry of the penal colony and colonisation era. Spectators from across Grande Terre are treated to a mesmerising display of costumed tableaux, intriguing narratives, and dazzling pyrotechnic fireworks. Over 150 dedicated volunteer extras breathe life into this significant chapter of New Caledonian history.

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