Yenghébane island north of PoumYenghébane island north of Poum
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Poum - Koumac

Land at the ends of the world

Embark on a thrilling journey through the untamed, semi-arid expanse where the lagoon is an ever-present companion. The breathtaking route from Koumac to Poum, then continuing on to Poingam and Boat-Pass, weaves its way through majestic landscapes and remote tribes, always within sight of the sea. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring Poum lagoon and its UNESCO World Heritage Site-worthy reef! As you traverse this wild terrain, catch glimpses of wild horses quenching their thirst amid hills and plains. The sensation of being at the edge of the world races back to you at full gallop. Whether on land or sea, the north of New Caledonia promises an introduction to a captivating new world, waiting to be explored through its myriad activities!

By car from Nouméa, take the expressway n°2 then RT1 and drive north. You’ll reach Bourail in 2 hours, then Koné (3h30 from Nouméa). Add on another 1h30 to reach Koumac and 2h to Poum, even further north on Grande Terre. You can also fly to Koné and rent a car there. Guided tours are available from Nouméa or Bourail. The RAÏ bus company runs a few routes between Nouméa and Koumac and between Koumac and Poum, but does not service the secondary roads.

Poum stands out as one of the New Caledonian gems, adorned with a plethora of inhabited islets (such as Baaba, Yandé, Taanio, and Yenghébane) and abundant uninhabited islets, some of which have recently basked in the limelight. The Malabou archipelago, home to these hidden treasures, stole the show as the backdrop for the second special edition of Koh-Lanta, Le choc des héros, back in 2010. While it may not draw the same crowds as the Koumac fair, Poum boasts its own cultural spectacle – the “Fête de la génisse” held in May. From succulent spit-roasted heifers to the spirited sale of breeding bulls, this festival is a 100% Broussarde affair, representing the vibrant local cattle culture.

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