Mouli beach on Ouvéa loyalty islandMouli beach on Ouvéa loyalty island
©Mouli beach on Ouvéa loyalty island|Anaëlle Chretien & Steven Lequertier

Anaëlle and Steven's good ideas

in New Caledonia
Anaëlle and StevenAnaëlle and Steven
©Anaëlle and Steven
Anaëlle and Steven

Anaëlle and Steven are content creators who have recently settled in New Caledonia. For NCT, they agreed to share their favourite places and other goodtips, which they document in photos and videos during their getaways. From the mainland to the islands, from their favourite walks to the best shopping spots, Anaëlle and Steven take you on a journey to discover the must-sees in New Caledonia. Follow their adventures on @anaellechretienoff and @stevenlqr.

What we truly love about New Caledonia is the diversity of the landscapes, from the sea to the mountains.

Anaëlle and Steven