Mouli Bridge

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Lékiny 98814 Ouvéa
The bridge of Mouli spans the inlet that separates the main island of Ouvéa from the island of Mouli, and where a photo break is essential!
This bridge was built in 1982 to improve access to Mouli Island, which until then had only been accessible by ferry. This edifice with its ultramarine blue railings offers an unforgettable view of Lékiny Cliffs and the bay of the same name. It is above all a privileged place from which to observe the aquatic fauna that slides continuously between its supporting columns: leopard and manta rays, trevally, sharks, turtles, barracudas ... And how can one describe the endless hues of green and...


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Mouli Bridge
Lékiny 98814 Ouvéa

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