Sandalwood Bay

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Easo 98820 Lifou
Sandalwood Bay stretches for nearly 50 km, from Cap Mandé in the south to Cap Aimé Martin in the north.
From Drueulu Bay in the south to the Easo cruise ship reception site in the north, Sandalwood Bay has no shortage of features to recommend it. With a little imagination, when one looks at the contours of the island of Lifou on a map the bay resembles the (open) mouth of an imaginary animal. It was in Xepenehe ("arrival of the boats" in the local Drehu language) that the sandalwood trade began in 1842 between New Caledonia, Australia, and China. In the Drehu language, Easo means "the smoking...


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Sandalwood Bay
Easo 98820 Lifou

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