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Shark Fault

Diving site, fault, Coral reef in Bourail
  • Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Shark Fault is a must-see lagoon attraction you can visit by microlight or by scuba diving.

  • A former river bed about 20 metres deep, the Shark Fault—also known as the Poé Fault—connects the lagoon to the reef. The site is home to an exceptional biodiversity. Experienced divers will be able to spot turtles and different species of sharks, rays and fish. If you get up high—either by taking one of the Domaine de Deva's hiking trails or a microlight flight—you will be dazzled by the magnificent palette of colours found at this extraordinary site.
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    • French
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    Prices depend on how visitors wish to reach the fault (boat, microlight, etc.).
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