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Fête du Wadrawa

Wadrawa Festival

Traditions and folklore, Traditional festival in Maré
  • In July, the Pénélo district of Maré organizes the "chef yam" festival. This event is intended to enable producers - particularly older ones - to sell their produce.

  • Just a few hundred metres from the Pénélo church, dozens of stalls are set up to showcase local produce. The Wadrawa in particular is celebrated here. A special yam. This 26-year-old event celebrates "the chief yam, the sacred yam of the people of the land", highly respected by the population. The festival is also an opportunity to take stock of the different varieties of Wadrawa and introduce them to the locals.
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • From June 30, 2024 until July 2, 2024
    Open Everyday