Gîte Iya - Yaté-Thomas Boucher-2030-04-23Gîte Iya - Yaté-Thomas Boucher-2030-04-23
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in New Caledonia

Whether in the heart of the city, amidst the lush countryside, or along the serene shores of New Caledonia, the locals are eager to introduce you to their island’s distinct character. Opt for a stay in a cottage or guesthouse for an authentically unique experience.

Staying in a holiday cottage


New Caledonia’s gîtes offer tranquil, timeless havens set in natural surroundings, providing the perfect backdrop for a change of scenery. Most gîtes consist of charming bungalows or chalets equipped with simple amenities that grant you complete independence, including a kitchen, dining area, and sanitary facilities. Whether nestled in the bush or within the capital, these furnished rentals come in various sizes and are ideal for families, couples, or solo travellers seeking a degree of autonomy. Moreover, they are often a more budget-friendly option compared to traditional hotel stays. Please note: reservations are essential.

Immerse yourself in the rural lifestyle

A delightful alternative to gîte stays is the “chambre d’hôtes” (guesthouses) which involves occupying a room within the hosts’ residence. Typically, there is no separate kitchen, but a delightful breakfast is thoughtfully provided. Additionally, you’ll find more unconventional, small-scale lodgings available, including traditional Kanak huts, elevated cabins, caravans, geodesic domes, see-through tents shaped as bubbles, yurts, and charming tiny houses. These unique accommodations often serve as supplementary income for locals who are enthusiastic about introducing you to their other pursuits, such as farm visits and artisanal crafts. This option provides an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in everyday life in New Caledonia, complete with personalised recommendations for local excursions!

Embrace farm life

Why not make the most of your visit to New Caledonia by exploring a farm and its interconnected world of people, animals, and natural beauty? Whether for a brief stopover, a weekend retreat, or an extended stay, consider staying at a farming station on the picturesque West Coast of Grande Terre—the domain of rugged Broussards (French cowboys) and horseback stockmen. Comparable to tribal stays, farm stays offer a chance to interact with passionate farmers and ranchers. Guests can partake in hands-on farming activities, such as animal care and agricultural production. Accommodation ranges from comfortable rooms within the farmhouse to charming bungalows. The level of comfort varies, with some offering basic amenities while others boast a more contemporary feel. Don’t forget to secure your booking and indulge in delectable farm-to-table dining experiences!