Sheraton Deva Hotel and Poé lagoon, BourailSheraton Deva Hotel and Poé lagoon, Bourail
©Sheraton Deva Hotel and Poé lagoon, Bourail|Mimo
Accommodation on the West Coast

List of accommodation on the West Coast

Are you on the lookout for the perfect place to stay along New Caledonia’s stunning west coast? Look no further! Explore our curated list of accommodation options spanning from Boulouparis to Poum, Bourail, La Foa, Farino, and Koné. Choose from a diverse range of options, including luxurious high-end hotels, cosy holiday cottages, delightful guesthouses, and even unconventional campsites. Whether you prefer a scenic view of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon, a tranquil farm setting, or an immersive forest experience, the warm hospitality of the locals will ensure an unforgettable stay. Use our filters to select accommodation that align with your preferences!

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