Tibarama Island, PoindimiéTibarama Island, Poindimié
©Tibarama Island, Poindimié|Masaaki Hojo
All transport on the East Coast

Transport options on the East Coast

Experience the freedom of exploring New Caledonia’s captivating East Coast by renting a car from Nouméa, Koné, or Poindimié. Alternatively, you can rely on taxis, coaches, and private shuttles to conveniently access various tourist attractions and essential amenities in the towns of Hienghène, Pouébo, Touho, Poindimié, Thio, and more. Here, we provide you with an exhaustive list of all available transportation options on the East Coast of New Caledonia. Use our filters to refine your search and make a booking as needed. Embrace the beauty of this region with hassle-free travel!