Kitesurfing on the Bourail lagoonKitesurfing on the Bourail lagoon
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in New Caledonia

The Caledonian archipelago boasts breathtaking landscapes and perfect conditions for sports and sailing enthusiasts of all levels! With its perpetually warm turquoise waters, abundant sunshine, and consistent waves, it’s a beloved destination for kitesurfers worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, New Caledonia offers a variety of spots, from sheltered flats to reef wave locations. There are nearly seven kitesurfing sites, most of which are near accessible islets by water taxi. Some beaches in Nouméa and Bourail are also popular among kitesurfers. 

Îlot Maître


Just a stone’s throw from Nouméa, Îlot Maître is suitable for all skill levels, including beginners. Its long, shallow flat area, protected by a nearly 2 km-long reef, provides ideal learning conditions. This spot is where introductory kitesurfing sessions are often held by kitesurfing schools. You can access it via a water taxi or, for the more experienced, kite from Le Méridien beach. While you’re there, take the opportunity to swim with turtles in the turquoise waters and explore the islet. You can also relax at the islet’s bar for a refreshing break at the end of the day or opt for an overnight stay to be the first on the spot at sunrise.

Insider Tip

Greet fellow kitesurfers upon arrival at a spot – it’s a great way to strike up a conversation!

Le Méridien beach


Pointe Magnin isn’t just home to one of New Caledonia’s finest hotels; it’s also a superb spot for intermediate and experienced kitesurfers. At this location, you should be confident in riding upwind on your own, as you can quickly drift offshore. This is one of the best freestyle spots in the area, featuring a flat stretch of water with regular offshore winds. It has even hosted stages of the Kitesurf Pro. On the other side of the point, Aquarêve Beach offers a flat area for safer sailing. Nouméans often gather here in the evenings and on weekends. The spot is pleasantly shaded and has picnic tables.

Îlot Goéland and Îlot Signal


Situated just a 20-30-minute boat ride away, these islets are pristine pockets of nature close to Nouméa. The flat conditions are more suited for experienced riders, as you can drift offshore fairly quickly. Goéland and Signal are two nature reserves teeming with marine life and bird species. Even when conditions aren’t ideal for kitesurfing, you can enjoy the unspoiled islets, their immaculate beaches, and the crystal-clear waters, home to numerous turtles!

Îlot Goéland is a protected nature reserve and is closed annually from October 1 to March 31 to encourage the nesting of roseate terns.

Kitesurfing schools in New Caledonia

Poé Beach

West coast

This site is easily accessible and suitable for all skill levels. With a vast beach stretching over several kilometres, steady winds, and a shallow turquoise lagoon, Poé is the perfect spot for beginners. Caledonians love spending time here with their families, especially on weekends and during school holidays. Despite the popularity, there’s plenty of space in the lagoon to navigate without crowding. The surrounding area offers a plethora of activities, so consider extending your stay for a few days to maximise the enjoyment!

Good to know

Check the tide tables, especially when visiting the islets – at low tide, there’s hardly any water.

Îlot Ténia

West coast

Renowned as one of the world’s finest snorkelling spots, Îlot Ténia is also a gathering place for kitesurfers of all levels. Located just 1.5 hours from Nouméa in the direction of Boulouparis, this pristine, uninhabited islet with its white sandy beaches is a paradise for freestyle enthusiasts. The site offers ideal kiteboarding conditions, featuring extensive flat areas around the islet and impressive waves on the reef, attracting surfers as well. Don’t forget your fins, mask, and snorkel, as this protected marine area is home to a multitude of vibrant fish species.

Ouano beach

West coast

A mere one-hour drive from Nouméa, near the La Foa region, this spot is perfect for safe kitesurfing. Versatile in its offerings, it provides various sailing conditions, including a flat lagoon area ideal for freestyle and reef-level waves for thrill-seeking kitesurfers. It’s particularly enjoyable during high tide, even though the rigging area is relatively small.