Hiking in the mountains in PoumHiking in the mountains in Poum
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Top hiking trails

in New Caledonia

From gentle strolls to challenging GR® hikes, New Caledonia’s diverse geography offers an ideal playground for encountering the region’s native flora and fauna.


in New Caledonia

New Caledonia boasts an array of meticulously developed trails for hikers. Whether you’re exploring routes in natural parks, tackling demanding treks, or following provincial paths, each experience brings you closer to the elements that define New Caledonia’s reputation. Did you know that the South Province offers over 60 marked hikes and boasts two GR® trails? Many areas benefit from ambitious preservation policies, so it’s crucial to be aware of and respect the regulations of the trails you traverse.


Yaté - Dumbéa

Divided into seven stages, the Grand Sentier de Randonnée du Sud leads you from the historic village of Prony to the peaks of the Central Range in Dumbéa. Passing through Yaté, Mont-Dore, and Dumbéa communes, the GR® Sud takes you to iconic sites like the Blue River Provincial Park, the Natural Park of Dumbéa, the Chutes de la Madeleine reserve, and Prony village. These seven stages offer a glimpse into the incredible biodiversity of the Great South, with a blend of mining history, vast southern landscapes, red earth deserts, and lush rainforests.

A unique experience

This tropical component naturally makes trekking in NC a unique experience in the wide open spaces of the South, in the rainforest, and in the forests and savannahs of the North. There aren’t many places in the world where it’s possible to trek in these environments in complete safety, with good infrastructure, and precise mapping.

Laurent BOUIT, Director of Les Plus Beaux Treks (TV5 MONDE, FRANCE 5)

Particularly athletic, the GR® Sud requires careful preparation. Although the total is close to 107.4 km, it is possible to complete only one or several stages of the route. You’ll be walking completely autonomously, so you’ll need to bring your own supply, including reserves of water. Stage refuges are not bookable. Some offer pleasant water points for refreshment or refilling water bottles.

Mont-Dore trail

by the corniche

To combine physical effort with majestic sea and mountain scenery, take the Mont-Dore trail! This 7.3 km hike to an 800-metre summit offers breathtaking views of Nouméa, the lagoon, and the Great South. Ascend via the spectacular ridge to the southeast of the massif. Don’t forget sun cream and plenty of water for protection against the strong sun.

Cap N'Dua trail


Explore the 830-hectare Cap N’Dua natural reserve, linking Anse Majic to the lighthouse regulating navigation in the Havannah Channel. This 4.5 km hike offers panoramic views of the Grand Lagon Sud and, on clear days, the Isle of Pines. The area is also a prime spot for whale watching from July to September.

Blue River Park

Dipodium trail


This 12 km route in the Blue River Park follows former mule trails, offering vistas of South Caledonia’s diverse landscapes and Rivière Bleue valley. With a duration of 4.5 hours, it’s suitable for those in good physical condition.

Great Ferns trail


Explore altitudes ranging from 400 to 700 metres in this park, offering 40 km of marked trails. Discover panoramic views, coursing waterways, rainforests, and niaoulis. The trail map, available on the park’s website, guides you through routes of varying difficulty.

Boé Arérédi trail


Meander through tall grasses and niaouli savannahs in this 4.5 km trail. Enjoy stunning vistas of the Poé pass, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed turquoise lagoon, from the trail’s highest point. The site is also home to diverse bird species.

Plateau de Dogny


The Sentier du Plateau de Dogny in La Foa region boasts a 1,000-metre vertical drop and a 3-hour ascent to an altitude of 1,065 metres, offering magical views of New Caledonia’s coasts. Waterholes and cascades punctuate the lush vegetation, with a refreshing swim at Cuve de Sarraméa at the hike’s end.

Three Bays Trail


Close to Le Bonhomme, this 4 km trail from La Roche Percée in Bourail is relatively easy and showcases small bays nestled amid lush vegetation. Each bay offers distinct charm and invites you to savour lagoon vistas. While the hike can be completed in 1.5 hours, consider packing a picnic for an extended visit….

Roches de Notre-Dame


This hike is accessible to the whole family and offers beautiful views of the region’s limestone massifs. Shaded, the trail holds some nice surprises for the more athletic, including the possibility of reaching the summit of the Roches de Notre-Dame via a steep path.

With picnic tables available, this hike is the perfect way to discover the natural landscapes in the North of New Caledonia.

GR® Nord

Ponérihouen - Hienghène

Traverse the GR® Nord to immerse yourself in the Kanak culture and the diverse landscapes of the North. From Napoepa to Ouanache, this route encompasses aerial ridgelines, waterfalls, and northern coastal vistas.Five stages make up the GR® Nord route, from the Ponérihouen valley to the narrow Tewadé (Tiouandé) plain at Hienghène, via the Câba (Tchamba), Amoa, Tiwaka, Tiwae and Paola (Poyes) valleys, for a total of 88 km. The GR® Nord is accessible and family-friendly. It offers an immersive experience on Kanak soil, with the possibility of following a local guide and spending the night in a tribal hut. Food need not be carried as you embark on this itinerant hike.

Ga Wivaek Pass


This stunning East Coast hike takes you to peaks above the bay of Hienghène, offering panoramic views of the Lindéralique rocks, the Brooding Hen, the Sphinx, Hienghène village, and the great reef on the horizon. Covering 3.8 km with a summit altitude of 308 metres, this hike takes about 2 hours and is suitable for all.