Beach of Fayaoué, OuvéaBeach of Fayaoué, Ouvéa
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All things to do and see in The Islands

From the Isle of Pines in the south to the Loyalty Islands and Tiga in the east, the islands surrounding New Caledonia’s Grande Terre are a treasure trove of awe-inspiring beauty. Enveloped by a UNESCO-listed lagoon, they are home to Kanak tribes rich in traditions! Far from the crowds, you’ll encounter genuine authenticity and indulge in some of the world’s most exquisite beaches. If names like Kuto, Kanuméra, or Mouli don’t ring a bell, rest assured, they will be etched in your memory after your visit. Explore all the incredible experiences waiting for you on the islands of New Caledonia, ensuring your stay is filled with relaxation and shared moments!