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9 best things to do in Koné - Voh - Pouembout

Set out to the vast, northern landscapes of Western New Caledonia! This region, encompassing the municipalities of Koné, Voh, and Pouembout, serves as your portal to explore life in the Brousse, replete with its traditions and agricultural expanses. Engage in the daily lives of local stockmen on their livestock farms, gaining insights into the unique lifestyle of New Caledonia. Uncover the cultural richness of the archipelago through its eco-museums, handicrafts, and the architectural legacy of yesteryear and today, evident in écomusées and vestiges du passé. Don’t miss the opportunity to soar over the iconic Cœur de Voh, internationally renowned since Yann-Arthus Bertrand captured its essence from the heavens.

Delve into our curated selection of must-see attractions in Voh, Koné, and Pouembout, setting the stage for an inspiring stay in the North Province!

Visit the Coffee Ecomuseum

in Voh

Venture into the heart of Voh’s village centre to unravel the captivating history of this region, which witnessed colonisation in the late 19th century and thrived as a prominent hub for coffee cultivation during the early 20th century. Immerse yourself in the past as you explore the écomusée, housed within historical buildings. Here, you’ll encounter engaging temporary exhibitions, savour tastings of aromatic arabica coffee, and peruse a store offering the opportunity to bring home locally roasted beans of exquisite flavour.

Explore the great outdoors on horseback

Cross the expansive plains and delve into the enigmas of the Central Range, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide. Horseback riding serves as an excellent means to traverse the foothills and ridges of this picturesque landscape. Seasoned riders may contemplate a bivouac in the heart of the Chaîne, setting up camp near the Atéou tribe, renowned as the highest tribe in New Caledonia.

River fishing

in Pouembout

Whether you’re an avid enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, enjoying fly-fishing in New Caledonia promises a one-of-a-kind experience immersed in the heart of nature. Cast your line for carp, lapia, loach… and more in a truly dreamlike setting!

Fly over the famous Cœur de Voh

Flying over the Cœur de Voh (Heart of Voh) is to experience a profound emotion, reminiscent of the awe that photographer Yann-Arthus Bertrand felt in 1990 when capturing the iconic mangrove shape. The optimal way to savour this natural wonder is by taking a gyrocopter flight. With its open cockpit and unique in-flight manoeuvrability, the gyrocopter offers a spectacular vista encompassing the lagoon, the coral reef, the captivating blue hole of Oundjo, and, of course, the mesmerising “Heart” itself.

Meet the locals

In Koné, the concept of a warm welcome is truly embraced, exemplified by the abundance of guesthouses that extend a genuine invitation to delightful table d’hôtes experiences. Engage with the locals during a shared meal or explore the vibrant Koné market on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings—an excellent opportunity to savour the distinctive specialties of the region!

Take a historical tour

Located at the base of the Koniambo mining massif, transport yourself back in time at Villa d’Antan and explore the remnants of a rich family legacy. Meticulously restored by a dedicated local resident, this 1890s villa is open for visits as part of excursions arranged by the Association Patrimoine et Histoire de Voh.

Walking with a guide

through the mining maquis

Guided hikes that unveil breathtaking panoramas! In Pouembout, the Tia Plateau rises to an elevation of 415 metres. Ascending Mount Kathépaïk provides vistas of the iconic Cœur de Voh. The landscape is truly grand, featuring red laterite soil, mountains, mangroves, and the lagoon. From this elevated vantage point, catch glimpses of the Téméla tribe, the Duroc pass, and the imposing Koniambo massif to complete the panoramic spectacle.

Visit the Pomemie Cultural Center

in Koné

Delve into a diverse array of cultural offerings at this Northern Province cultural centre, where exhibitions, conferences, cultural residencies, and concerts come together to enrich your experience.

Stop by a livestock farm

in Voh

Admire the cultural tapestry of Western New Caledonia, where dedicated Broussard breeders and farmers passionately uphold the region’s deep historical roots. Absorb yourself in the local way of life and savour the unique flavours of locally-produced cattle and agricultural specialties by visiting a livestock farm.


Koné, Voh, Pouembout

Wander the big open spaces of the West, inspect the mangrove with its astonishing shapes, meet the stockmen on their breeding and farming lands: Welcome to the Brousse of Northern New Caledonia!