The Domaine de Deva in BourailThe Domaine de Deva in Bourail
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The Deva Domain

in New Caledonia

Facing the pristine turquoise lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Domaine de Deva sprawls as an extensive playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Within its 8,000 hectares of coastal beauty and dry forests, extending from Poé to Bourail, 10% is dedicated to recreational activities. These include hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, water sports, and aerial adventures. Domaine de Deva also excels in relaxation, featuring a luxury hotel with a wellness spa and a golf course that offers breathtaking vistas. A stay of one or more days at the Deva Domain guarantees relaxation without a dull moment

The Deva Domain is situated in the municipality of Bourail, 117 km from Nouméa-Tontouta International Airport and 162 km from Downtown Nouméa. To access Poé, where the estate’s entrance is located, it is advisable to rent a car. The journey from Nouméa to Poé via the RT1 road, spanning the length of New Caledonia from south to north, takes approximately 2 hours. Another option is to book a day-long guided tour departing from Nouméa. Additionally, shuttle services such as Bourail Shuttle Services provide transportation for individuals or groups between the international airport or downtown Nouméa and Bourail.

  • Admission to the park is free of charge.
  • The Tourism Office of Bourail, serving as the gateway to the estate, provides visitors with comprehensive information regarding available activities and offers essential information such as trail maps, event details, available services, and their respective rates.
  • The park may be temporarily closed to the public during periods of very high fire risk, which typically occurs in October or November.
  • For those embarking on hikes along the ridges, remember to bring along a hat, sunscreen, and ample water, as shade along the trails is limited

1. Explore the dry forest

The Deva Domain: A nature reserve in the heart of the cowboy country
The Deva Domain: A nature reserve in the heart of the cowboy country
The Deva Domain: A nature reserve in the heart of the cowboy country

With 158 km of marked hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking trails, a health course featuring 15 exercise modules, and 1,700 hectares of dry forest housing numerous endemic protected species, Domaine de Deva serves as an expansive playground for hiking enthusiasts. There are designated trails suitable for all skill levels. Notably, the famous Sentier du Boé Arérédi and the Oua Koué trail offer stunning panoramic views of the turquoise lagoon and surrounding valleys. The Les Géants and Les Origines trails are flat and accessible to all. Guided tours are available for exploring the dry forest and birdwatching.

2. Explore the domain on mountain bikes or horseback

Among the many trails traversing Domaine de Deva, some lead to elevated peaks suitable for horseback riding or mountain biking. Upon reaching these heights, the rewarding 360° views encompass the lagoon and mountains. Visitors can rent mountain bikes or ATVs on-site, choose a trail using provided maps, and set out on their adventure. For horseback riding, advance reservations are recommended for half-day or full-day rides. The Barrage and Banian bridle paths offer easy terrain, passing through fields of golden grass and dry forest areas, offering breathtaking glimpses of the Gouaro Lagoon.

3. Fly over Poé lagoon

Experience an alternative perspective of the remarkable landscapes, including mountains, plains, and coral reefs, by taking a flight. Ultralight aircraft, paramotors, and seaplanes take off from the Poé airfield, located adjacent to Domaine de Deva, offering flights ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Their open cabins provide maximum visibility, enabling captivating views of the surroundings. The hydroplane offers a unique experience of taking off and landing on water.

4. Observe marine flora and fauna on or under water

Immerse yourself in the turquoise lagoon to observe vibrant fish, coral, and even swim alongside sea turtles or glimpse a stingray! An underwater trail is located near the coral reef at Poé, perfect for snorkelling either independently or guided by a local expert familiar with the area’s biodiversity. For those who prefer staying dry, the same service provider offers glass-bottom boat trips, departing from the Sheraton Hotel in Domaine de Deva or Poé beach.

5. Experience the thrill of skydiving

Seeking an adrenaline rush amidst an extraordinary panorama? Consider skydiving from the Poé aerodrome, conveniently located within the estate. The thrill of the jump harmonises with the sheer emotion of witnessing the world’s largest lagoon from the sky. For paragliding, the Oua Koué and Boé Aérédi sites offer tandem flights with a professional instructor. It’s important to note that, outside of supervised sessions, these sites are primarily intended for experienced practitioners, owing to highly changeable weather conditions.

6. Play a round of golf

Tee off at the edge of Bourail’s turquoise lagoon at Domaine de Deva! Nestled between the sea and mountains, New Caledonia’s most luxurious golf course offers an 18-hole course boasting views of the lagoon and mountains. At Exclusiv Golf Déva, the driving range welcomes all skill levels, and complimentary initiation sessions are regularly available.

7. Experience a luxury retreat in 5-star resort and spa

The Deva Domain is home to a high-end hotel, the Sheraton Deva Spa & Golf Resort. This upscale establishment offers a plethora of amenities, including a fitness facility, spa, massage services, and a swimming pool. It’s the perfect spot for unwinding amidst nature and water, overlooking the lagoon and the protected estate’s sprawling 8,000 hectares.

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