Beach of the Bweredi islet in ThioBeach of the Bweredi islet in Thio
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New Caledonia in Summer

Top Experiences and Activities

The austral summer, from December to March, is the hottest season, with temperatures generally above 30°C.

Cool off under the waterfalls

For a refreshing dip amid rich vegetation, dive into New Caledonia’s natural basins. On Grande Terre, waterfalls and rivers emerge from the Central Mountain Range offering pleasant spots to cool down in. On the east coast, the Tao waterfall features several waterfalls, up to 100 metres high! In fine weather, you can swim in its natural pools and enjoy a picnic. In the Great South, Wadiana waterfall is a fantastic spot for a freshwater swim. You’ll find more freshwater gems in Farino, Sarraméa, Dumbéa, and the Blue River Park.

Explore the natural parks

When the sun blazes, seek refuge beneath the shade of large kaori trees, fern trees, or oaks in New Caledonia’s nature parks. These parks offer a multitude of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, river kayaking, guided theme walks, and relaxing picnics in the shade. The Blue River Park is home to the country’s largest population of cagous, a local flightless bird known for its unique “barking” call.

Island Getaway

Staying on the islands during the warmer season allows you to experience comfortable nights and enjoy the cool evening breeze. Embrace tribal hospitality by immersing yourself in a Kanak tribe’s daily activities. Sleep in a traditional hut and participate in tasks like crayfish fishing, bougna preparation, weaving, and planting.

Introduction to watersports

Summer in New Caledonia brings consistent trade winds, making it the perfect time for lagoon-based board sports. In Nouméa or Bourail, indulge in kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP), kayaking, and more. The numerous beach orientations offer a variety of water sports in a turquoise, translucent lagoon with perfect temperatures!

The trade winds strengthen during the wet season, from November to March. It’s a favorite time of year for kitesurfing, kite foiling and freestyle enthusiasts!

Day trip at the foot of Amédée Lighthouse

Embark on a day trip from Nouméa to a protected marine reserve islet, Amédée island, home to its namesake lighthouse. Enjoy beachside relaxation, snorkelling, an Oceanian buffet, traditional performances, and a climb to the top of Phare Amédée!

Kayak the Drowned Forest

in the Great South

Experience an extraordinary summer activity: kayaking on a full-moon evening at the Blue River Park. In the Great South, the Forêt Noyée (Drowned Forest) is a captivating curiosity, with gum oak trunks emerging from Lake Yaté. Imagine paddling around these unique trees under the moonlight, an experience like no other!

Paddle around Hienghene’s Brooding Hen

When you’re on the East Coast, admire the unusual rock formations, “Roches de Lindéralique”, up close by renting a kayak in warmer weather. You can even take a refreshing dip in the water (though swimming is not recommended).

Canoeing in Upi Bay

on the Isle of Pines

Located in the southeast of the Isle of Pines, Upi Bay is perfect for exploring in a traditional outrigger canoe. Paddle through turquoise waters amid coral rocks, feeling the gentle breeze. Encounter turtles, rays, and dolphins occasionally, making it a sensory wonder. Choose from a one-way canoe trip followed by a stroll to Oro natural pool or a round-trip adventure for more unforgettable moments.

Swim in the world's largest lagoon

The warm austral summer temperatures allow you to spend extended periods in the lagoon. Whether snorkelling or equipped with a mask, fins, and snorkel (PMT), you’ll have ample time to observe colourful fish and coral. Swimming is an excellent way to cool off after a day of adventure.

Remember to wear reef-friendly sunscreen and lycra to protect the coral environment.

Experience a tropical Christmas

Experience a unique Christmas celebration in the tropics! In New Caledonia, the end-of-year festivities mean flip-flops, coconuts, and bathing suits instead of fir trees and snow. Caledonians cherish Christmas, with both daytime and evening events, and Nouméa transforms into a marvellous enchantment during this time.

Explore the southern islets

on a catamaran

Make your dream of a catamaran cruise come true during the warm season. Enjoy the cool trade winds and spend evenings on the boat’s deck, cooling off in the turquoise lagoon of South Caledonia. The austral summer offers the perfect conditions for this outdoor adventure.

Seek the coolness of caves

While the lagoon provides respite from the summer heat, New Caledonia’s caves offer a unique escape. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, the caves of Grande Terre and the Islands are steeped in Kanak legends. Exploring these caves, often located on tribal lands, is an authentic experience best enjoyed with a local guide.

Taste tropical fruits

at the Municipal Market

During the austral summer, the air is filled with the scents and colours of blooming flowers and fruits. At Port Moselle, the local market will tempt you with colourful stalls offering abundant tropical fruits like mangoes, letchis, apple-lianas, bananas, and dragon fruits. Sample these delights as you stroll and linger for a coffee at the central buvette (café), watching locals and tourists alike in constant motion.