Lobster of the Isle of PinesLobster of the Isle of Pines
©Lobster of the Isle of Pines|Zong Xiaopi
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Delight in the culinary wonders of New Caledonia’s islands, where you can relish the tastes of Kanak and Oceanian cuisines! Whether it’s traditional Kanak dishes or a fusion of French, Asian, and Oceanic cuisines, the island restaurants on the Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands offer a diverse range of dining experiences. From tribal experiences featuring ‘tables d’hôtes’ and local snacks to upscale restaurants showcasing typical island flavours, there’s something for everyone. As the sun sets, enjoy a drink at the hotel bars with stunning views of the turquoise lagoon. Explore the top dining spots in Lifou, Maré, Ouvéa, and the Isle of Pines below. Use the filters below to refine your search and don’t forget to make a booking. Bon appétit!

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