Kuto Bay on the Isle of PinesKuto Bay on the Isle of Pines
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Must-see places

in New Caledonia

With its turquoise lagoon, incredible palette of landscapes and vibrant cultural life, New Caledonia promises exceptional experiences! From Hienghène to the Isle of Pines, via Nouméa, the Great South or the Loyalty Islands, here are some of the best places to explore during your stay!

Amédée Lighthouse

Standing proudly on Amédée Island in the heart of a protected marine reserve, Amédée Lighthouse attracts visitors seeking escape, beauty and relaxation. There are multiple activities on offer to ensure an exciting and memorable visit. Travel here from Nouméa and get ready for a fabulous day!

Upi Bay

on the Isle of Pines

Upi Bay is often compared to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam because of the rocks that appear to magically float on the water. With its outrigger canoes, turquoise waters and coral rocks, it is one of the most iconic places in New Caledonia. Cruising along on a traditional boat, it is not unusual to spot turtles, rays and dolphins!

The Déva Domain

in Bourail

This 7,800-hectare nature playground between sea and mountains is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy mountain biking, horse riding or walking. The 360° view from the ridges is unforgettable!

Nouméa’s bays

Lemon Bay and Anse-Vata bays are two of Nouméa’s unmissable coastal spots. Lively by day and by night, the bays offer plenty to see and do, including beaches, shopping, water sports, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taxi boats to the islands and walks. All in a magnificent natural setting!

Mouli beach

in Ouvéa

Located on the island of Ouvéa, Mouli Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Caledonia. A picture-perfect setting with its white sand and crystal-clear water, it embodies the Loyalty Islands’ gentler pace of life. Before kicking back and relaxing there, make sure you go over Mouli Bridge: the only link between the north and south of the island.

Rock formations and Hienghène’s hen

Hienghène’s “brooding hen” and other limestone rock formations are icons of New Caledonia’s East Coast. A taboo place for the local inhabitants, these amazing formations can easily be seen from the road or from a kayak or boat on the water.

The Heart of Voh

The Heart of Voh is an unusually shaped mangrove swamp that became world renowned after being photographed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The best way to see it is to fly over it in a gyrocopter or microlight aircraft.

Blue River Park

The Blue River Provincial Park  is situated in New Caledonia’s Great South. This biodiversity hotspot is the ideal place to see native flora and fauna and enjoy different outdoor activities. You can explore it on foot, by mountain bike or in a kayak, and even set up camp there and spend an incredible night surrounded by nature!

Isle of Pines’ natural pool

The jewel in the Isle of Pines’ crown—the Natural Pool in Oro Bay—is a dream setting. This open-air aquarium fringed with columnar pines is home to a myriad of multicoloured fish. All you need is a snorkel, mask and fins to get close and personal with them!

Tjibaou Cultural Center

in Nouméa

Designed by the architect Renzo Piano, this cultural centre in Noumea is a spectacular reservoir of Kanak and Pacific arts and culture. A creative cultural space, museum, concert hall and multimedia library all at once, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre is a must for anyone interested in Kanak history and traditions.

Tao waterfall

in Hienghène

Of all the waterfalls on the East Coast of New Caledonia, Tao is undoubtedly the most beautiful. In fine weather, you can walk to the waterfall in half an hour through lush vegetation. Once there, a refreshing swim in a natural pool with stunning scenery awaits.

Fort Teremba

in Moindou

This historic site in Moindou offers visitors an unforgettable insight into New Caledonian colonial history. A place where history and memories are artfully conveyed, Fort Téremba has been listed as a historic monument since 1989. Get ready for a visit where you will learn a lot… and feel moved by it all!

Lékiny Cliffs

in Ouvéa

These imposing limestone formations dotted with caves can be seen on a guided walking tour. And there’s something important you have to do when you visit Lékiny Cliffs: go snorkelling in the crystal-clear water at the foot of the rocks!

The Roche Percée & Turtle bay

in Bourail

Right next to the cliffs and the famous “Bonhomme”, La Roche Percée Beach is very popular with surfers and photography enthusiasts. Surrounded by columnar pines and echoing the sound of the waves, Turtle Bay is a beach of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity.

Top 10 must-see while in New-Caledonia
Top 10 must-see while in New-Caledonia
Top 10 must-see while in New-Caledonia
In a nutshell...

The must-see

in New Caledonia

Spectacular natural scenery, jaw-droppingly beautiful islands and a unique fusion of French and Melanesian culture make New Caledonia one of the true jewels of the South Pacific. In New Caledonia, nature does not conceal its treasures. Idyllic beaches border the largest lagoon in the world, and thick forests are home to more than 3,000 native species; the French archipelago is a guarantee into the exotic. Here are our top must-sees while in New-Caledonia!