Plateau of Tia, PouemboutPlateau of Tia, Pouembout
©Plateau of Tia, Pouembout|NCT

All things to do and see on the West Coast

As a leisure destination harmoniously blending land and sea, the Western Coast of New Caledonia beckons to those seeking cultural, natural, and sporting adventures. Stretching from Bourail to La Foa, encompassing the ecotourism havens of Farino and Moindou, this vast expanse offers pristine natural landscapes, preserved forests, and a UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon, all serving as extensive playgrounds.
Prime examples include the Great Ferns Park (Parc des Grandes Fougères) and the Déva Domain, which graciously host visitors on foot, horseback, mountain bikes, or over the water. This ‘broussard’ region, rich in heritage, is a realm of shared experiences, where you can immerse yourself in Caledonian traditions and history through stays with Kanak tribes and visits to livestock farms and ranches. Don’t miss the poignant historical sites, such as Fort Teremba or the Bourail Museum. Embark on a journey to discover all the captivating experiences awaiting you on New Caledonia’s western coast!